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The second round of the Sommelier Wine Awards is where all of those wines that have made it through are tasted again and a decision is made on what medal they deserve.

Today saw a record number of judges and many new faces and tasters to the line-up, all of whom were really keen to learn more.

With a great start in the first week, it’s no surprise that Riesling has seen a large number of medals awarded, with many coming from the New World, particularly Australian. Italy has also been a popular medal winner today with Piemonte reds proving popular.

SWA Competition Director, Chris Losh, commented: “This range of wines don’t always deliver and they’re usually quite expensive, but this year they were all good at all different price ranges.

“All east Italian reds were good too and Northern Italy as a whole has done really well today.”

The other stand out performance of the day was unexpectedly from Pinotage. As a grape variety that can be unpopular with sommeliers, it’s done very well this year and deserves to be on the gold list.