Emulating a restaurant or pub wine list, the Sommelier Wine Awards categories are split into three main sections: Essentials, Old World and New World.


  • Sparkling – split by origin and colour (Including a No/Low Alcohol category)

  • Still:

    • House Wine – red, white and rosé – single bottle ex-VAT price to the UK on-trade must be £6 ex-VAT or less

    • Rosé – for all still rosés with a single bottle UK on-trade price higher than the £6 ex-VAT ceiling for House Wine

    • Orange Wines

    • No/Low Alcohol - red, white and rosé - up to 5.5% abv

  • Sweet – split by colour; includes categories for ice wines, red & tawny styles (such as Recioto or Brachetto), botrytis or non-botrytis sweet wines, and lower alcohol styles.

  • Fortified – includes sub-categories for Ports and Sherries according to style, and a range of Other fortified sub-categories where wines such as Madeira, Moscatel de Setúbal, vin doux naturel and vermouth may be entered.

Old World

  • Includes the whole of Europe by country, plus Turkey and Lebanon.

  • Wines are split up by region, followed by sub-region where appropriate, and colour. For instance France – Bordeaux, red – Left Bank.

  • If a country is not listed individually, the wine should be entered into the appropriate Other Old World Countries Red or White category.

New World

  • Includes the Americas, South Africa and Australasia, including emerging wine regions such as China, India and Thailand.

  • Wines are split up by grape variety, country and, where necessary, region. For instance, Pinot Noir – New Zealand – Central Otago.

  • Unlisted grape varieties or unusual blends should be entered into the Other Red or Other White categories.

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