1. Wines must be available to restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels in the UK – please name at least one UK Supplier. Or, if a wine is to be supplied direct from the producer outside the UK, please check the "No, it's not available in the UK" box on the Wine Details page when you enter the wine, and provide the appropriate ex-cellars price per bottle (not in Sterling), using the Dropdown to select the correct currency.

2. NOT permitted to enter: wines that sell in national multiple chains or high street retailers (Tesco, Waitrose, Majestic etc) are not allowed. The exceptions to this are sparkling and fortified wines, which may be entered, even if they are available in the high street.

3. Permitted to enter: wines with distribution in independent retailers (eg, Berry Bros & Rudd) and wines appearing in small groups of stores (eg, Lea & Sandeman) are able to enter.

4. On-trade labelling: where a wine available on the high street has been packaged with a different label specifically for the on-trade, as with Majestic Commercial’s wines, this is eligible to enter the SWA.

5. Wines that are available online through merchants like The Wine Society, Slurp and other retailers that solely trade online, are eligible to enter.

6. For grocery stores online: if the wine is available as part of the online only offer of a supermarket or grocery store, then that is fine, the wine may be entered – but it may NOT be entered if it is also on sale in the shops.

7. Wines made from anything other than grapes are not eligible to enter.

Any wines not complying with the above criteria will be disqualified from the competition.