Trade Price

The target audience for the Sommelier Wine Awards is anyone buying wines for restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs in the UK. Consequently, during the judging process, we let our tasters know the Trade Price of every wine they are judging – just as they would if they were putting together a wine list in their own venue.

Therefore, when you enter your wines into the competition, we need you to provide the relevant Trade Price per bottle, as follows:

1. If you are in the UK, please contact your distributor and confirm with them the List Trade Price.

2. If you are entering from outside the UK and you already have a UK agent or supplier, please check your current UK List Trade Price with your agent or supplier.

3. If you are outside the UK and do not yet have a UK agent, simply put in the price for a single bottle, direct from your cellars (ex-cellars, without tax, duty or any other additional costs), choose the correct currency from the Dropdown menu, and please add a note in the Additional information box to confirm the currency you have used.

The SWA team has devised a special formula for wines with no distribution, which we will then apply to calculate an estimated UK List Trade Price – we will liaise with you to confirm this price. Our formula has been used successfully over several years, and includes elements for the cost of shipping, the relevant taxes and factors such as agents' margin, warehousing and delivery to your end customer.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with us at