Marketing ideas and downloadable assets

Here we have provided you with a few handy ideas and useful digital marketing assets to help you promote yourself and make the most of your award win.

Tell the world

Upload a blog post listing your successes, or publish a news release for your regular clients and suggest your generic body does the same. Include the results in your email or paper newsletters and place this news prominently on your website. How about including it in your magazine advertisements?

Add it to your email signature

We’ve created this handy email signature that your entire team can use. Download it here.

Use the logos anywhere

The digital medal logos work in large and small sizes, so include them in your trade price lists, add them to your event displays, give them to your clients for their wine lists and share them with your wholesalers and on-trade outlets so they can tell their customers.

If you’ve won a coveted Critics’ Choice, By the Glass, Pub & Bar, or Food Match Trophy, make sure you use these to attract sommeliers and on-trade wine buyers to your own tastings.

Download them here:

SWA Logos and Medals 2020
SWA Logos and Medals 2019

SWA Logos and Medals 2018

SWA Logos and Medals 2017
SWA Logos and Medals 2016
SWA Logos and Medals 2015

Use the tasting notes

Feel free to quote from the SWA tasting notes - they are after all an industry-recognised endorsement.

How about putting together award-winning selections for your sales teams to take round to accounts? Particularly the new ones, or quote the SWA tasting notes in your own briefing sheets. Your website is your main stage, so include the tasting notes and awards on factsheets, and feel free to share them with your on-trade customers so they can use them for their wine lists.

Shout about it on social media

This might be obvious, but don’t feel shy about some self-promotion… you’ve earnt it! Share photos of your award winning wines across social media and use the hashtag #SWA2020 to join in the conversation.

We've created these instant social media posts for you to download and use across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (just click on the links below):

Facebook Post and Cover Photo
Twitter Post and Header Photo
Instagram Post and Insta Stories Photo
LinkedIn Company BannerCover Photo and Hero Photo

Tag us along the way and we’ll of course help with your promotion. Find us here:

Show off at trade tastings

Show the on-trade you mean business at generic tastings by displaying the easily recognisable logo prominently.

We happen to have the perfect opportunity to promote your winning wines to over 10,000 on-trade professionals, Imbibe Live, taking place on 29-30 June 2020. Speak to our team about exhibiting in their Wine Bar area or the Undiscovered World area, which is available for those seeking distribution.

In addition to this, all SWA Gold medal winners have the opportunity to showcase their wines on The SWA Stand at Imbibe Live. We have a Top 100 table exclusively for these Gold Winners - find out more.

Run masterclasses

Run a masterclass at your trade tasting focusing on your top scoring wines and offer to do the same for your clients. Are any of our judges clients of yours? Invite them to put together their top 5 winners from your list, either to feature in your own price list or to showcase at your tasting.

Frame your certificates and hang them on your wall

From Imbibe Live to tasting events throughout the year, display your personalised certificates prominently. Make sure you download them from your online profile to put online (as well as in your office!) Use them in stand-alone awards summaries too.