Costs and entry amendments

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Entry fees and duties

How much does each entry cost?

Each wine entered costs £98 +VAT.

Do I need to pay duty on my wine?

Yes. All carriage, duty, tax and clearance fees MUST be paid by the Submitter. We have been advised that the tax authorities require Import Taxes to be paid on Competition samples.

Neither Sensible Wine Services nor the Sommelier Wine Awards will be able to settle any unpaid fees or duties. Wines cannot be accepted unless these payments have been paid.

For overseas submitters, we suggest you liaise with your courier or shipping agent if you require advice on the completion of paperwork or the payment of relevant fees.

VAT numbers:  SWA/Imbibe Media Ltd, 160 0703 55  –  Sensible Wine Services (SWS), 619 3804 30

Do I need to pay VAT?

For companies in countries outside the UK but in the EU, if you are registered for VAT and you provide your VAT registration number when completing the online form – including the two-letter country code – then you will not pay VAT. If you are not registered for VAT, you will be charged VAT at 20%.

For companies outside the EU, you will not pay VAT.

Entry amendments

Can I add more wines now that I have submitted my entry?

If before the Online Entry Deadline, 25 January 2017, then yes you can enter further wines.
Please contact [email protected] if you encounter any problems.

I have finalised my Entry and pressed the Enter button, but I have found out that a specific vintage is not available. Can I amend the wine’s details?

Wine detail amendments can be accepted up until the Bottle Delivery Deadline – 7 February 2017. Please email Micaela Martins Ferreira on [email protected]. Charges may be incurred for amendments made after the Bottle Delivery Deadline.

Can I remove a wine once I have submitted my entry?

On the condition that SWA HQ is contacted prior to the Wine Entry Deadline, 25 January, credit can be given for wines removed. After the 25 January deadline, entries cannot be removed or refunded. Please email Micaela Martins Ferreira on [email protected]

Wines found not to be eligible

If, after the Entry Deadline but before judging begins, a still wine is found to have high street distribution, it will be deemed not eligible to enter the competition and disqualified. In this case, an administrative charge of 50% will be incurred, and the samples will be retained by the organiser. After judging has begun, no refunds are possible. Please see the Eligibility guidelines for further details.