How-to enter your wines into the competition

1) To enter your wines, click Enter at the top of the website. Simply type in your company details to begin creating your SWA portfolio.

Once all fields are completed, and click the Register button. If you have entered the competition previously, you can simply sign back into your account and skip this step.


2) Your registration is now complete! Welcome to your SWA Wine Portfolio. You can edit your account details by clicking My Account. Or to start entering your wines, simply click on the Upload Wine button.

If you have more than 50 wines to add, please contact to request a bulk upload form.

3) Enter your Wine’s details. If you do not yet have UK distribution, simply enter your single bottle ex-cellar price (without tax, duty, or any other additional costs) into the Trade Price field, and click the No UK trade price button.

4) Now it’s time to select the category you wish to enter. You can choose from Essential or Specialist Selection. Then complete the boxes below to give us all of the necessary information about your wine.

5) We now need to know the UK Supplier Details, if applicable. Either choose from the pre-entered list of UK suppliers, or click the Register a New Supplier button, and follow the instructions. If you have the same Supplier for all your wines, check the Same Supplier tick-box. If a wine is not available in the UK, tick the No, it's not available in the UK button.

6) Your first wine is now uploaded! You can edit this wine or add another by following steps 3-4.
You can come back to your Wine Portfolio any time and add new wines, but don’t forget to Submit your wines by the deadline.

Now you've entered your wines, please follow the steps on how-to submit your wines.