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Ghost Zero by Nude Glass

Featuring an invisible armature created by Nude's ion shielding technology, Ghost Zero wine glasses are exquisitely strong and yet as light as a dandelion - lighter, in fact, than any Nude glass to date.

Unique, sonorous, resilient and barely there, these elegant vessels are specially designed, in two distinct forms, to hold red and white wine and champagne. Both forms diminish the barrier between wine and drinker, but while the tulip-shaped glasses focus the senses on the journey of the liquid from the body of the glass to the palate, the belly-shaped glasses billow voluptuously before rising in crisp, straight lines, a form that helps to aerate their contents. Ghost Zero glasses are delicately robust, but they also offer the color, brilliance, transparency, lightness and master craftsmanship that are hallmarks of the highest quality. And that absence of weight? That is the unmistakable weight of luxury.