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2020 success for Fox & Fox  

“Winning three gold medals in SWA has been transformational for our business, particularly given the challenges of Covid-19 to the industry.”

After the first lockdown ended, SWA had the privilege of visiting our three-time Gold award winner, Fox & Fox at their house in Mayfield, which overlooks their beautiful vineyard. Jonica, one half of the husband and wife team, was a dab hand at horticulture which made the transition to winemaking a natural one. After studying at Plumpton College the pair produced their first vintage in 2009. 

Choosing which wines to enter into the Sommelier Wine Awards is always a tricky task for producers, but for the English sparkling wine producer Fox & Fox their choice was definitively given the seal of approval by the judges, with the Gold hat-trick for their CV Brut 2014, Meunier Brut, Blanc de Noirs 2014 and Mosaic Brut, Rosé 2015. Jonica expressed how winning a Gold at SWA for their Meunier Brut, Blanc de Noirs was monumental for the company. It is an unusual grape variety that often requires a bit of hand-selling, but the recognition given from SWA has really encouraged their customers, and the trade, to try the wine.

2020 has been one of the most challenging years for the wine industry (amongst other industries). Fox & Fox saw the timing of the SWA results as a real lifeline for the company, with the announcement of the 2020 winners taking place at the start of lockdown.

“During lockdown, the exposure we gained from the awards kept significant interest in our wines going and acted as a sales driver for consumers.”

Before Covid the company’s sales predominately came from the trade, but with the exposure they received from SWA, their direct to consumer sales saw a big increase.

Fox & Fox’s customers boldly revealed, “we saw you won an award, but we didn’t know you existed before then”.

This led owner, Jonica to come to the conclusion that,

“I think customers feel more confident in buying our wines because we have the medals. Our bestselling product is now our three, gold medal winning wines in a pack and online sales of this product are up 427% year-on-year.”

SWA enabled the brand to become more accessible to its consumers, helping consumers understand what good quality is in a wine, when it has been judged by a sommelier - the experts.

Following their triumph at SWA 2020, Fox & Fox has ensured it makes the most of the benefits the competition offers its winners. SWA tasting notes are an industry-recognised endorsement from the best palates in the trade, therefore Fox & Fox has included the detailed judges’ tasting notes in each delivery box. Setting their sights internationally has also been a real achievement for the producer in 2020. When Fox & Fox paired up with SWA for a social giveaway of their Gold trio, one of the lucky winners was a German sommelier. The somm was quick to take to their social to rave about the English sparkling wines, this has subsquently seen Fox & Fox gain a loyal German fan base.