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Our judges' favourite award-winning wines of 2020

As a perk of the job, every year whilst judging the competition we ask our judges to select the wines that they absolutely love.

In this way, they are able to create their own personal wine list prior to even knowing what the wines actually are. The details of the wines they have favourited are only revealed to the judges when the results are released, so when it comes to them selecting wines for their establishments the hard work of searching is already done.

Here’s the list of the top 5 wines picked by our judges during the 2020 judging days:


Domaine Paul Nicolle, Les Fourneaux, Chablis 1er Cru 2017, Burgundy, France (£20.12 Bibendum)

'This is well-made and integrated, with citrus at the start, then cream and a light hazelnut note on the palate, all carried by acidity, and leaving a light, flinty finish.' Tim Handley, Royal Automobile Club. 'An elegant nose with some delicate citrus and minerality, and notes of bergamot and lemongrass. A dry palate and great creamy texture, and a refreshing finish.' Lionel Periner, team leader.

Favorited by: Lionel Periner, Rémi Cousin, Tim Handley, Filippo Pastorini


Chartron et Trébuchet , Chablis 2018, Burgundy, France (£9.19 Ffarm Vintners)

'Great classic Chablis offering great value, with citrus aromas and a refreshing palate with a hint of minerality.' Lionel Periner, team leader. 'Fresh stone fruit and crushed seashell notes on the nose, along with some grapefruit, leading to a fresh palate with bright acidity. I'd list this by the glass, either in fine dining or in a gastro pub.' Filippo Pastorini, consultant.

Favorited by: Lionel Periner, Rémi Cousin, Tim Handley, Filippo Pastorini


Vinkara, Mahzen, Kalecik Karasi 2016, Ankara, Turkey (£10.44 Taste Turkey)

'A delicate and feminine style, with an elegant nose and floral character. Great by-the-glass material.' Olivier Marie, team leader. 'This has a lightness of touch, with a light bramble nose and good acidity.' Claire Love, Loves Consultancy. 'With its light, fresh body and great fruit and spice, this would be great as a chilled red in the summer.' Timothy Connor, Heddon Street Kitchen.

Favorited by: Andre Luis Martins, Adam Michocki, Bianca Potenza, Tim Handley


Egon Müller, QBA Riesling 2018, Mosel, Germany (£31.98 Top Selection)

'Pretty fantastic, with lots going on. Notes of stone fruits and some tropical notes too, with minerality to balance and some good intensity.' Tim Smith, Winesurfer Consulting. 'Clean and tropical notes, as well as blossom, honeysuckle and elderflower, with a hint of development. These sit alongside light petrol hints and some grapey characters too, leading to a great, elegant finish.' Marco Marcuzzo, Zuma Rome.

Favorited by: Lionel Periner, Rémi Cousin, Tim Handley, Filippo Pastorini


Besserat de Bellefon, Cuvée BB 1843 NV, Champagne, France (£303.35 Lanson International UK Ltd)

'A serious champagne, with toasted cashews and toasted croissant notes, and some dried lemon and apple notes on the palate.' Alonso Abed, Trivet. 'Nutty and bready on the yeasty nose, with some cooking spices, ginger and sage, leading to a complex and earthy mid palate. Mineral throughout, with a zingy finish.' Chris Delalonde MS, The Dorchester.

Favorited by: Markus Dilger, Carolina W Seibel, Sam Weatherill, Immacolata Cannavo