Home News > February 2019 > EuroCave at Le’ Atelier De Joel Robuchon the perfect partnership

Holding the title of the most Michelin starred chef in the world Joel Robuchon garnered an impressive 32 Michelin stars throughout his career.

He achieved accolades such as Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Chef of the Century. Joel created food with all the foundations of classic French Gastronomy and adapted his recipes to reflect the region of his restaurants. Put simply Joel changed the culinary world and the trailblazing Les Ateliers in London very much optimises this ethos.

L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon London located in the heart of Covent Garden is recognised as London’s most exclusive and arguably best French experience.

Eurocave were approached by Christophe the general manager who wanted to create and highlight a space to clients that both displayed and stored the fine wines on offer in the very best possible conditions. EuroCave’s Showcave cabinet was selected as it combines elegant style with high end materials and delivers an outstanding environment in which to keep fine wine. Creating a real centre piece, the cabinets compliment the very best in French cuisine with the very highest standards of wine preservation, display and storage.

We believe a perfect match and one which Joel was proud of.