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The 28 best Burgundy wines from the 2019 awards

As the Burgundy en primeur season is upon us, we thought it fitting to share our winning Burgundy wines from 2019. Here you’ll find 14 Gold, 9 Silver, 5 Bronze and 1 By the Glass Trophy.

If you’re looking for a red or white Burgundy to add to your list or recommend to a client, then look no further. These wines have been blind-tasted and judged by the world’s greatest palates, ensuring they are the perfect picks.

Happy sipping!


Château de Pommard, Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2015, Burgundy, France (£82.12 Producer: Château de Pommard)

‘Classy stuff,’ began Sommelier Wine Awards competition director Chris Losh, as this took home a well-deserved Gold, going on to praise its ‘perfumed, elegant red fruit with an attractive savoury core’, and adding that ‘the tannins are still present, but you can drink this now – or any time over the next 20 years’. ‘I loved the complexity here,’ added Gymkhana Restaurant’s Valentin Radosav, who thought that ‘food-wise it’s very flexible, but it would be at its best with something gamey like partridge’.

Favourited by: Chiara Sieni, Laurent Richet MS, Sonal Clare

Bouchard Aîné & Fils, Côte de Beaune-Villages 2016, Burgundy, France (£19.70 Matthew Clark)

One of a pair of well-deserved medals for Bouchard Aîné & Fils in this year’s competition, this Gold Lister was ‘ripe and smoky, with some herbal complexity, and leather notes, too’, according to Sonal Clare of Purnell’s Restaurant. Team leader Laurent Richet MS, meanwhile, had praise for its ‘intensity on the nose, with flowers and bright cherry notes, leading to an incredibly punchy palate that’s long, structured and balanced’, before adding that it would ‘definitely age well’.

Domaine Lupé-Cholet, Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Les Peuillets 2015, Burgundy, France (£26.57 Enotria&Coe)

Team leader Laurent Richet MS was among the judges who elevated this to Gold amid praise for its ‘deep, concentrated aromas of ripe black cherries and red plums, leading to a beautiful texture with savoury tannins and hints of spice and cedar’. Consultant Anja Breit was similarly impressed, describing ‘velvety, dark berry fruit and well-integrated oak, with a minty, herbal element and a juicy palate’ that meant it could ‘match strong meat dishes like beef bourguignon’.

Favourited by: Chiara Sieni, Laurent Richet MS, Sonal Clare

Louis Jadot, Beaune 1er Cru, Celebration 2012, Burgundy, France (£27.71 Hatch Mansfield , Matthew Clark)

Showing all the hallmarks of a Gold winner, this had ‘crunchy red fruits with high acids, as well as some scorched earth and minerality’, thought team leader Andres Ituarte, who added that it was ‘showing some development’. Andre Luis Martins of Cavalry & Guards Club spoke highly of its ‘fresh raspberry notes and floral aromas, as well as ripe fruit with firm tannins, all leading to a gentle, spiced finish’.

Domaine Pierre Naigeon, Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru, Les Fontenys 2015, Burgundy, France (£80.57 Hallgarten & Novum Wines)

A Gold medal was inevitable for this ‘mineral, well-balanced and extremely elegant’ wine, thought House of Sake’s Honami Matsumoto, who went on to describe ‘red berries and a savoury element’. Elisa Soggia of Kai Mayfair agreed, finding ‘ripe fruit notes of cherry and strawberry, along with a woody note and some plum jam’, while team leader Andres Ituarte appreciated its ‘soft, warm humidor notes’. Describing ‘fresh mint and raspberry’, Andre Luis Martins of Cavalry & Guards Club praised its ‘complex body and very fine, elegant finish’.

Domaine René Monnier, Beaune 1er Cru, Les Toussaints 2015, Burgundy, France (£35.50 Hallgarten & Novum Wines)

On encountering this Gold winner, team leader Andrés Ituarte was impressed by its 'tart red fruits that are feminine and fresh, leading to violets and earthy notes and with a warm, Spanish cedar finish, while Elisa Soggia of Kai Mayfair found it to be a 'dry, very balanced wine, with rich tannins, cherries and black plum’. She also appreciated the complex and woody notes from the barrel, describing them as ‘a bit farmyard’.

Château de Pommard, Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2016, Burgundy, France (£85.37 Producer: Château De Pommard)

‘Bright, briary fruit, with real concentration,’ began team leader Andres Ituarte, who thought that this was ‘a lovely wine, but it’s just not ready to drink yet’. ‘A very smart wine for a few years’ time,’ agreed fellow team leader Martin Lam.

Domaine Lupé-Cholet, Volnay 2013, Burgundy, France (£33.48 Enotria&Coe)

‘The vibrant, cherry aromas mingle with gentle fresh cassis fruit with notes of clove, leading to a long elegant finish,’ said Andre Luis Martins of Cavalry & Guards Club. ‘Nice, toasty notes on the finish – this is very good,’ added team leader Andres Ituarte.

Domaine Lupé-Cholet, Nuits-St-Georges 2013, Burgundy, France (£35.35 Enotria&Coe)

Chiara Sieni of Bottles Group liked the ‘tobacco aromas on the nose mixed with herbal nuances’, and went on to describe a palate with ‘black cherry and pepper spice with a smoky note of leather and good structure’.

Famille Carabello-Baum, Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2015, Burgundy, France (£22.88 Producer: Famille Carabello-Baum)

This had, according to Gymkhana Restaurant’s Valentin Radosav, ‘an attractive perfumed nose with a taut palate’.

Domaine Lupé-Cholet, 1er Cru les Crots, Nuits-St-Georges 2013, Burgundy, France (£45.09 Enotria&Coe)

Team leader Andres Ituarte found ‘dry pot-pourri floral notes mixed with red fruit flavours; there is a slight green note but also a nice earthy, long finish; unquestionably well made.’

Louis Jadot, Santenay Clos de Gatsulard 2013, Burgundy, France (£18.75 Hatch Mansfield , Matthew Clark)

‘This is pretty and feminine,’ thought team leader Andres Ituarte, ‘the bright red fruits though are balanced with some stalky tannin, which helps to showcase the terroir’.

Domaine René Monnier, Pommard les Vignots 2015, Burgundy, France (£36.33 Hallgarten & Novum Wines)

Team leader Laurent Richet MS was impressed: ‘Perfumed with ripe black cherry, cedar and vanilla aromas, this leads you to a voluptuous palate. Delectable and delicious there are notes of cherry, vanilla, cedar, tobacco and spice.The finish is long.’

Favourited by: Chiara Sieni


Domaine de Rochebin, Elodie Duprés, Macon-Villages 2017, Burgundy, France (£7.76 Majestic Commercial)

‘Ripe, creamy and bold – a lot for the price,’ praised team leader Hamish Anderson as this earned itself a Gold medal, with ‘a savoury, bright nose, and warm bread and apple notes’. Fellow team leader Angela Reddin agreed, finding it ‘very well balanced and nicely put together’, with ‘pears on the nose, and rock melon and peach on the palate’, while Markus Dilger of Dilger Sommelier Selection appreciated ‘floral notes of acacia and elderflower, as well as peas, yellow apple, creamy vanilla and white pepper’.

Favourited by: Tanguy Martin

Domaine Ferret, Pouilly-Fuissé 2016, Burgundy, France (£24.22 Enotria&Coe)

For Marco Marcuzzo of Aster Restaurant, this Gold winner was showing ‘classic Burgundian spice and autolytic character, like lees yeast and bread’, as well as being ‘full-bodied, with very fine and precise acidity, and integrated oak’. Team leader Angela Reddin appreciated its ‘talcum powder nose, with oak notes over tropical fruit’, describing it as ‘a clever, subtle wine, and very classy’, while Markus Dilger of Dilger Sommelier Selection noted ‘melon, grapefruit, honey blossom and white pepper notes’.

Favourited by: Tanguy Martin

Domaine Latour-Giraud, Cuvée Charles Maxime, Meursault 2016, Burgundy, France (£38.00 Bibendum)

‘Pure and restrained,’ praised team leader Hamish Anderson as this took home Gold, describing ‘a delicate floral nose, leading to a very driven, citrus-led palate with citrus pith and a long, intense finish’. Fellow leader Laura Rhys MS was equally complimentary, finding it to be ‘elegant and complex, with bold, juicy citrus and stone fruit’, while Daniel Nuttall of Adam’s Restaurant appreciated its ‘bright acidity and easy-drinking savoury palate with saline notes’.

Favourited by: Dario Barbato

Lequin-Colin, Back to the Roots, Bourgogne Blanc 2017, Burgundy, France (£16.90 Top Selection)

This ‘exceptionally generous wine for the price’, according to Joshua Castle of Noble Rot, naturally took home Gold, with its ‘lovely array of smoky aromas and ripe orchard fruits, and a palate that’s tense and mineral, with a bright mineral finish’. Team leader Martin Lam particularly enjoyed its ‘leesy, barrel-ferment character’, while fellow team leader Hamish Anderson described ‘a powerful nose of smoke, spice and flowers, with cream, lemon pith and vanilla on the palate’.

Favourited by: Joshua Castle

Domaine Antoine Olivier, Le Biévaux l'Air de Rien, Santenay 2015, Burgundy, France (£29.51 Hallgarten & Novum Wines)

As this took its rightful place on the Gold List, New Street Warehouse’s Tanguy Martin praised its ‘very classy Burgundian notes, and a palate that’s vibrant and refreshing’, while team leader Martin Lam remarked on its ‘good concentration and typicity’, finding it ‘ripe and rounded, with a zesty acidity’. Ross Antonelli of Hawksmoor Borough, meanwhile, found it ‘smoky, with toasted seeds, pronounced fennel and popcorn, as well as some lemon, grapefruit and pineapple’.

Favourited by: Joshua Castle, Ross Antonelli, Tanguy Martin

Domaine Pierre Naigeon, Côtes de Nuits-Villages, Les Vignois 2015, Burgundy, France (£24.91 Hallgarten & Novum Wines)

The first of a pair of Gold medals for Domaine Pierre Naigeon in this year’s competition, this Côtes de Nuits-Villages was ‘complex, rich and savoury’, according to Gazelle Mayfair’s Romain de Courcy, who described notes of ‘fresh apple, ripe lemon and custard, as well as some minerality’. Team leader Hamish Anderson found it to be ‘a delicious, bold wine, in an opulent, toasty style that’s starting to develop’, describing ‘cream, toasty depth and some warm spice’.

Domaine René Monnier, Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru, Les Folatières 2016, Burgundy, France (£63.23 Hallgarten & Novum Wines)

Judges were generous in their praise as this was elevated to Gold, with team leader Laura Rhys MS finding it ‘delicious, with elegant fruit character, such as ripe citrus, apple and peach, and well-integrated oak’. Daniel Nuttall of Adam’s Restaurant described it as ‘steely, flinty and mineral’, while Kai Mayfair’s Elisa Soggia appreciated its ‘lemon and lime peel, with green apples, gooseberries and elderflower, too, as well as some vanilla and honeycomb, with oak and white pepper on the finish’.

Sylvain Loichet, Côte de Nuits Villages, Réserve La Comtesse 2015, Burgundy, France (£30.04 Hallgarten & Novum Wines)

Marco Marcuzzo of Aster Restaurant appreciated this Gold winner’s ‘typical Burgundian ripe stone fruit with spice and good oak integration, and a long, creamy palate with autolytic character of bread and lees’, while team leader Angela Reddin thought it ‘intense and intricate’, identifying additional ‘seashell and sea breeze notes, as well as lemon and stone fruits’. Kahani London’s Ennio Pucciarelli added praise for its ‘round yet crisp structure, with white peach and apple notes, as well as hints of honey, vanilla and toasted nuts’.

Favourited by: Elisa Soggia, Markus Dilger

Famille Carabello-Baum, Bourgogne Chardonnay 2015, Burgundy, France (£22.88 Producer: Famille Carabello-Baum)

According to Gymkhana Restaurant’s Valentin Radosav, there was ‘good, ripe fruit here, with some melon and pineapple, along with a nice honeyed richness on the mid-palate’, adding that this was ‘drinking now’.

Bouchard Aîné & Fils, Pouilly-Fuissé 2017, Burgundy, France (£20.40 Matthew Clark)

Dario Barbato of Individual Restaurants found ‘a floral nose of apple blossom that leads to nicely ripe fruit and well-integrated, judicious use of oak, probably using large barrels; the wine has a nicely balanced acidity and good length.’

Domaine Jean Rijckaert, Le Mont Châtelaine, Viré-Clessé 2017, Burgundy, France (£14.84 Bibendum)

Christopher Delalonde MS of The Dorchester noted: ‘A floral nose of spring flowers with some oaked notes of baked brioche and toast; there’s a creamy texture to the ripe, primary fruit that’s both elegant and pure, with great lift and composure; the finish is long.’

Domaine du Vissoux, Chermette, Beaujolais Blanc 2016, Beaujolais, France (£11.95 Enotria&Coe)

‘White stone fruit with nectarine and apples on the nose, and there’s a nice leesy, nutty character, too,’ said Ross Antonelli of Hawksmoor Borough. ‘The mid-palate is creamy with good fruit support and a nice mineral finish,’ he added.

Domaine Ferret, Pouilly-Fuissé, Tete de Cru Les Perverse 2016, Burgundy, France (£35.07 Enotria&Coe)

‘This has a subtle nose of petals and lime skin,’ said The Dorchester’s Christopher Delalonde MS, ‘there’s a complex delivery of ripe fruit here – this is a very stylish expression where everything is in balance. The layers of fruit are delivered with focus and lead to a ripe, spiced, long finish; top!’

Favourited by: Elisa Soggia, Markus Dilger

Louis Jadot, Pernand Vergelesses Blanc 2013, Burgundy, France (£18.75 Hatch Mansfield , Matthew Clark)

‘There’s a touch of gunflint reduction on the nose,’ said team leader Laura Rhys MS, ‘the palate is really lovely with lots of elegant citrus, spice and toast; there’s good weight and intensity to the fruit and the finish is long.’

Henri de Villamont, Rully Blanc 2015, Burgundy, France (£18.75 Berkmann Wine Cellars)

Team leader Angela Reddin noted: ‘Hawthorn flowers, and camomile with a touch of crème anglais; there’s bright acidity that enjoys a kiss of oak and a lovely layering of flavours. Drink or keep.’