Home News > July 2018 > Nude launches new Stem Zero collection with Ion Shielding Technology

Following last year’s launch of Stem Zero, global design brand and SWA sponsor, Nude, has added Ion Shielding Technology to its innovative range.

Reinforcing the previously delicate collection, this technology makes the glasses twice as strong and flexible as other handmade glasses of similar thinness.

By experimenting with strengthening techniques and supressing the micro-fissures that cause glass to crack, Nude has employed a special surface modification technology, based on an ion-exchange process.

These larger ions, incorporated to the glass’ surface structure and replacing the smaller ions which cause strains, form compressive stress and make the glasses more robust and more suitable for everyday use.

The Stem Zero range consists of 11 glasses; each designed to enhance the experience of different wines. Champagne flutes are perfectly suited to all sparkling wines with a softly tapered brim to retain aroma and fizz.

The white wine glasses intensify the crispness and elegance of delicate whites and full-bodied white wine glasses offer a larger bowl, which allow the complex wines to shine, revealing fruity overtones and oak barrel creaminess.

To complete the collection, Nude has also created two distinct Stem Zero glasses for red wine. These are subtle and light, sweeping towards the brim to amplify high-tone perfumes of lighter reds including Pinot Noir. Another version has a generous bowl, tapering to a crystal cut edge to capture both aromas and bouquet, allowing for maximum appreciation of tannic reds such as Cabernet or Syrah.

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