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Bibendum wins SWA 2020 Merchant of the Year award

Bibendum has grown into a real force in the Sommelier Wine Awards. This was the fourth time in six years that it’s taken the Merchant of the Year award, and on this occasion it wasn’t even close.

It was out in front by some distance. No one came within sample-spitting distance of either its overall medal count – or its 50 Golds – in a fine performance that fully deserved to wrest back the crown from last year’s winner, Enotria&Coe.

Bibendum’s success in 2020 wasn’t just about carpet-bombing the competition to pick up lots of medals, however. First of all, the vast majority of its medals were in the crucial £10-£20 area. This, understandably, is the most competitive area of SWA, so to dominate as it did here shows great buying – these are wines that can stand out even in a crowded field.

Secondly, its entry was not dominated by one particular producer or country – in fact it was striking how evenly spread around the globe its Golds were. With an Old World/New World split of around 60/40 this was a performance with great wines in every area and no obvious weaknesses.

On top of that, there’s the fact that seven of our 12 Critics’ Choice wines came from Bibendum. It’s an extraordinary level of dominance of a section that is impossible to predict – awarded, as it is, purely on the basis of wines that stop our tasters dead in their tracks.

It’s proof, if any were needed, that while Bibendum might be a big name there is no shortage of real gems within its portfolio.