Home News > March 2019 > ‘Classic’s day’ at the Sommelier Wine Awards

Week two of the Sommelier Wine Awards kicked off with house reds and rosé today but what really impressed were classic styles of Chardonnay, Chablis and Burgundy.

There were lots of glowing thoughts on Chablis, from straight Chablis through to Grand Cru, with judges commenting on their value for money and typicity, making them hugely popular all-round.

Senior Judge Adam Michocki said: ‘It was a really great flight, the wines were displaying really classical styles’.

Positive thoughts continued for Chardonnay flights, but it seems they weren’t as popular from California, with judges commenting many tasted like they did a few years ago.

The other classic style that’s performed well today was white burgundy, with team Leader, Laura Rhys MS, commenting: ‘they have a premium because of the appellation but the quality was there to back it up’.

Prosecco was equally as popular and both it and white burgundy proved why they are consistently popular in restaurants in terms of value for money.

Moving away from classics, the New World Carmenere and Cabernet Franc have impressed with Competition Director, Chris Losh, commenting: ‘both need a little bit of settling to find their style but there were lots of elegant expressions and refined styles, proving that when they get it right they can really knock it out of the park.’

Challenging flights for our judges today were the house rosés… with more to taste tomorrow, let’s see if they can impress as much as the classics.