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The Sommelier Wine Awards judging comes to and end with the Food Match round, which took place at Avenue Restaurant in London this week.

During the second round of judging, our panel of judges select wines they've put forward as Gold medal winners all with a price limit of £13 ex VAT that they think would pair well in all types of establishment from restaurants and bars to pubs and hotels.

This tasting tries these selected wines with classic dishes that are served in these establishments and dishes that have grown in popularity over recent years and you see on menu’s at venues across the UK.

An Orange wine was included in the line-up for the first time in the competition and because it was such a well-balanced wine with notes of pear and melon, the panel tried it with a number of the dishes from a burger to a vegetarian risotto. The wine certainly showed its diversity.

The pulled pork dish had a number of wines that worked in different ways and judges were divided on some, including a fino sherry which paired surprisingly well!

Dishes tasted on the day were avocado on toast, ceviche, roast salmon, fish and chips, a vegetarian risotto, pulled pork, rack of lamb, margarita pizza, Thai green curry, roast chicken, burgers, steak and a chocolate fondant.

Our judges for the Food Match were industry consultant’s Martin Lam and Christopher Cooper; Andres Ituarte, Group Head Sommelier at Tamarind Collection; Valentin Radosav, Head Sommelier at Gymkhana and Competition Director, Chris Losh.

Keep an eye out for the results announcement in May to find out the final pairings!