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The tale of two spices – Zinfandel and Pinotage

Day 4 of the Sommelier Wine Awards tasked our judges with the challenge of blind tasting two, often aligned, wine styles - Zinfandel and Pinotage.

Both categories saw winemakers attempting to make ambitious wines at quite high price points. However, it was the Zinfandels that triumphed amongst our judges! Even their higher price points didn’t put off the judges, they were still very happy to award medals across the category.

Italy has had another great day at SWA. The Chiantis received lots of praise for their characterful lower-priced wines. Their herbal, fresh and vibrant characteristics gave them the edge today. Our Competition Chairman, Chris Losh recognised Chianti as “a bellwether category”, it often collects lots of medals, but is of course very vintage sensitive. Luckily after today’s judging, there was a good indication that we can be fairly optimistic about the Chianti category for this year.

Moving further north in Italy, Soave performed very well today, across all price points. The category showcased the varied styles available, from full bodied and opulent, to lean with minerality, to oaked but still showing the full typicity of the grape.

Ending the day with Greek wines, our judges were pleasantly surprised by the reds they tasted. The whites appear to be riding wave after wave of success, and the reds were not far behind today. Whites were highlighted for their food friendliness, which always make them a hit amongst our judges.