Home News > May 2018 > Pinks rock in SWA with record year for Rose

Still pink wines might have been one of the biggest success stories with the wine drinking public over the last ten years, but you wouldn’t have known it at SWA.

Rosé flights in this competition have generally had disappointingly low medal levels and underwhelmed tasters. But not in 2018.

This was a record year for rosé and, crucially, our tasters found a far better consistency within the entries, suggesting that winemakers are finally getting the hang of it.

Six places on the Gold List was the most we’ve ever seen for the pink stuff, and it’s probably no coincidence that they all went to French wines. Our winners were a neat split down the middle, with half the Golds going to Provence, two to the Languedoc and one to the Rhone.

Price-wise, they were not super-cheap – all but one in the £9-14 area, but our judges didn’t feel that this was a problem.

‘It was far better at the more expensive end where we could see the freshness, the purity of the fruit, the balance,’ said senior judge, Diana Rollan. ‘You have to spend more than £10 with these wines to get it right.’

This wasn’t just about the top medals, however. As well as our six Golds, there was an atypically large number of Silvers and Bronzes, suggesting real strength in depth.