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Casa de Vila Nova wins Food Match award

Vinho Verde Vila Nova Blend is the perfect fish and chips pairing!

Vila Nova Vinho Verde blend 2019 is the perfect example of what we look forward to from a modern Vinho Verde. No longer only the summer friendly fizzy wine, Vila Nova Blend presents us with all those traditional traits you'd expect, but also offers a much more delicate and elegant experience. More depth, more structure, and more gastronomical.

These are only some of the reasons it is the perfect pairing for an English classic - fish and chips! Find out more about the award-winning wine here.

12th Centuries of History

Vinho Verde might be associated with lightness, freshness and summer, but behind Vila Nova wines lies a deep and long history that connects the UK and Portugal. By looking back to the 12th century and the foundation of Portugal we can identify the roots of the estate and the history of the Lencastre family. Learn more about the Estate here.