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Winner Details

France: Jura 

2014: Gold: 2; Silver: 0; Bronze: 1; Commended: 0
2013: n/a   
Must-list status: 10%
Overall SWA performance 2014: A

In a sense, it’s an indulgence to give the Jura its own section. This was, after all, a small entry – as you might expect from a region full of artisanal producers. But there’s a strong case for saying that it over-delivered more than any other part of this year’s competition.

Two Gold-Listed wines (and a sticky as well, see Sweet Wines section) gave this region as many white Golds as Alsace, the Loire and Burgundy. Sure, they’re not an easy sell, but they aren’t hard to get your team behind either. The Château-Chalon picked up a Critics' Choice because it had real wow factor – and that’s bankable! 

‘These are niche wines, but styles like the vin de paille can be good to have on the list, to add a point of difference and interest, and can pair very well with certain cheeses, some seafood and other very specific dishes,’ said Clio Giudici, Ellenborough Park

From the Tasting Teams

‘This is a very niche market, but if you can hand-sell or have the wines on as a special, then there is a lot of character in these wines.’
Richard Brooks, Caroline Catering