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France: Jura 

2015: Gold 2 Silver 1 Bronze 0 Commended 0
2014: Gold 2 Silver 0 Bronze 1 Commended 0   

So, ask yourself this. Can you sell a bit of weird? If the answer’s ‘yes’ or ‘I think so’, then you should take a good look at the wines below. If it’s ‘my customers don’t get weirder than Viognier’ then move along. Nothing to see here.

From the Tasting Teams

‘These were amazing, gorgeous wines. An exciting category. Beautiful wines with minerality and complexity.’ Christophe Richelet, consultant sommelier

‘As niche as niche can be, but with something like a Coravin it’s now easier to sell wines like this. You only need to serve a small amount, perhaps with the cheese course, and it gives you a chance to engage customers with some amazingly complex flavours.’
Garry Clark, The Victorian Chop House Company

Award winners

Found 3 wines

France: Jura

Maison du Vigneron, Château-Chalon 2008, Jura, France

Gold medal winner

Rich and golden yellow in colour, this smells like old churches, according to team leader Angela Reddin: 'There's polish, dried flowers, a slight hint of frankincense and smoke, plus candle wax. Incredible personality and wonderful length.' Mya Brown of Vinoteca Marylebone said: ‘Intense, extraordinary flavours with a fine and lush finish’, while consultant sommelier Christophe Richelet picked up on the 'toffee and salted almonds'. Back to Angela for the last word: 'This is a hand-sell to particular consumers, but its interest value is immense.' Hear hear!

£21.60 Groupe GCF

Domaine Rolet, Tradition, Arbois, Chardonnay/Savagnin 2008, Jura, France

Gold medal winner

Fabulous blend plus novel vinification methods produces a wine that is 'very individual and arresting', said team leader Angela Reddin. ‘Smoky and yeasty, with white mushroom notes and salty minerals,’ commented consultant sommelier Christophe Richelet, while Vittorio Gentile of Theo Randall at The InterContinental Hotel noted: ‘Coffee and chocolate, big, complex, explosive palate.’ Perfect with cheeses, nuts and olives.

£15.50 Berkmann Wine Cellars

Rijckaert, Les Sarres, Côtes du Jura, Savagnin 2010, Jura, France

Silver medal winner

‘Intense acidity and structure, with toasty oak, creamy texture and a nice finish,’ said Mya Brown of Vinoteca Marylebone, with Vittorio Gentile of Theo Randall at The InterContinental Hotel noting: ‘Almond and hazelnut with peachy fruit, full and off-dry, grippy style.’

£14.84 Bibendum


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