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Germany & Austria Red

2015: Gold 2 Silver 3 Bronze 0 Commended 1
2014: Gold 2 Silver 8 Bronze 4 Commended 3

Last year’s red section here was one of the most exciting areas of the competition, with a plethora of fantastic food-friendly wines in a variety of styles, mostly from Austria. This year, the country took a step back with its reds (vintage reasons, perhaps?), leaving Germany to take centre stage.

With an absence of Blaufränkisch’s and Zweigelts, the result was a section dominated by Pinot Noir – or Spätburgunder if you want to go native. Prices were high, as you’d expect, but our tasters could see a definite use for this more savoury style – particularly with the pricing in Burgundy where it is.

Star Performer
Congratulations to Franz Keller for picking up Golds for both a Wiessburgunder and a Spätburgunder

 From the Tasting Teams

‘There’s great versatility in these wines. Many can go with a number of fish dishes, while some wines would be more suited to specific matches, but all of these have broad food-matching flexibility.’ Hamish Anderson, The Tate Group

‘In terms of Pinot Noir versus Spätburgunder, my feeling is that the Germans should fall into line with the rest of the world, so that the consumer can understand what it is.’ Chris Wood, Chelsea Vintners

‘Germany can be a very good alternative to the uneven offer of Burgundy.’ Morgan VanderKamer, Stanley’s Dublin

‘These are good food wines: fresh, savoury styles of wine that would work well with a range of meat dishes.’
Richard Brooks, Caroline Catering

‘There was a big range of pricing and some of the wines were very expensive. You can play at these higher price-points, but you need to do something really interesting.’
Vittorio Gentile, Theo Randall at The InterContinental Hotel

Award winners

Found 6 wines

Germany & Austria, Red

Franz Keller Schwarzer Adler, Spätburgunder Gutswein 2012, Baden, Germany

Gold medal winner

'Excellent balance of beautiful secondary characters, with fabulous length,' said team leader Angela Reddin, illustrating why Fritz Keller scored Gold with his savoury-infused Pinot. ‘Attractive aromas of raspberry fruit, light and delicate, but a robust nature on the palate allows it to shine through,’ said Chris Wood of Chelsea Vintners. 'A big mouthful of flavour, this is a versatile food wine, but steely as well,' said Richard Brooks of Caroline Catering.

£12.12 The Winebarn

Fritz Allendorf, Assmannshaüser Höllenberg, Spätburgunder Trocken 2012, Rheingau, Germany

Gold medal winner

Perfect tannin structure, summer pudding and kirsch on the palate, and a long classy finish highlight why this wine turned heads from the off. ‘Minty, herbal, ripe blueberries and mineral, with warm spicy notes; well balanced with an elegant finish,’ began Vittorio Gentile of Theo Randall at The InterContinental Hotel, with an impressed Chris Wood of Chelsea Vintners adding: ‘Very mineral-driven style, almost the red wine equivalent of a Chablis. This is a good thing!'

£23.30 The Winebarn

Netzl, Rubin Carnuntum 2012, Carnuntum, Austria

Silver medal winner

‘A warm, welcoming, spicy nose, smokiness and dark chocolate notes on the palate, with good fruit and length,’ said Andrea Domenicucci of Whatley Manor, with Robert Mason of Cheese at Leadenhall adding: ‘Soft and delicate, with juicy acidity and ripe red berries with a voluptuous finish.’

£9.84 Alpine Wines

Kloster Eberbach, Crescentia, Höllenberg Spätburgunder Trocken 2012, Rheingau, Germany

Silver medal winner

‘Bigger, bolder style of Pinot with new French oak,’ began team leader Annette Scarfe MW, continuing: ‘Well balanced and serious, showing elegant tannins and lovely structure.’ ‘Pepper, perfume and red apples, blackcurrant and a whiff of smoke,’ added Robert Mason of Cheese at Leadenhall.

£16.00 Boutinot

Franz Keller Schwarzer Adler, S, Spätburgunder 2012, Baden, Germany

Silver medal winner

‘Perfumed, delicate and expressive, silky smooth with dried cranberry, raspberry and red cherry fruit notes; complex with an excellent finish,’ said an impressed Robert Mason of Cheese at Leadenhall, while Andrea Domenicucci of Whatley Manor noted ‘liquorice root, mushroom, hazelnuts, crushed white peppercorns and leather’.

£29.87 The Winebarn

Sepp Moser, Sepp Zweigelt 2013, Burgenland , Austria

Commended medal winner

£6.75 Boutinot


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