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Italy: North-East whites, including Soave

2015: Gold 2 Silver 2 Bronze 5 Commended 1
2014: Gold 2 Silver 4 Bronze 0 Commended 1

You’d think, with such a wine list staple in its boundaries, that this section would be all about Soave. In fact, prior to this year, you have to go back to 2010 to find the last time Italy’s ubiquitous white made it on to the Gold List – something of a damning reflection on what’s been coming out of the region of late. So to have two was a good result – especially since they were backed up by plenty of well-priced cheapies and some of the more ambitious styles that our tasters found so stimulating.
FOOTNOTE: Includes wines from Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia & Veneto.

From the Tasting Teams

‘People think they know about Soave, but it depends what you want from it: some are more fruity, some more funky and oxidative. There were one or two that had smells like fresh straw, wool and bread dough.’ Laurent Richet MS, Restaurant Sat Bains

‘A lot of Soave can be insipid, but when they get it right they are the most delicate, exciting and floral wines. They are subtle but have elegance and make you sit up a bit straighter.’ Jade Koch, team leader

‘I am old enough to remember when every Soave was just neutral – now they have really moved into the interesting foodie-wine category.’
Richard Brookes, Caroline Catering

Award winners

Found 10 wines

Italy: North-East - White, including Soave

Cantine Riondo, Castelforte, Soave 2014, Veneto, Italy

Gold medal winner

'Perfect for the pub,' said Hakkasan Group's Christine Parkinson of this lively, appetising great-value Soave from Cantine Riondo. ‘Pale and bright appearance, pineapple and citrus fruit with freshening acidity and mineral notes,’ said Joao Ribeiro of Buddha Bar London, adding: ‘Medium intensity with tropical notes, a decent complexity and persistence.’ Great with grilled scallops or plain, grilled cod.

£6.40 Moreno Wines

Bertani, Vintage Edition, Soave 2012, Veneto, Italy

Gold medal winner

'Delcious,' said Hakkasan Group's Christine Parkinson, with a smile on her face. 'Very lively, zingy fruit, in a somewhat restrained style,' said Richard Brooks of Caroline Catering, with team leader Jade Koch adding: ‘Honeyed and viscous aromas, mineral and refreshing for something so sweet, with a hint of grassiness.’ Match with white meat dishes.

£12.36 Enotria&Coe

Pieropan, La Rocca, Soave Classico 2012, Veneto, Italy

Silver medal winner

‘Quite heady, honey blossom, banana aromas,’ began team leader Jade Koch, continuing: ‘Very rich and oily, would be fabulous with food and has lovely ageability. Riesling-esque almost, with a petrolly character and minerality. Great with sweetbreads.’

£17.35 Liberty Wines

Anselmi, Capitel Foscarino 2013, Veneto, Italy

Silver medal winner

‘Floral and Muscat-like and off-dry, yet generous,’ noted Vittorio Gentile of Theo Randall at The InterContinental Hotel, with The Ritz Hotel’s Jonathan Kleeman adding: ‘Delicate flavours of honeysuckle, ripe yellow apple and a long finish.’

£13.00 Enotria&Coe

Zenato, San Benedetto, Lugana 2014, Veneto, Italy

Bronze medal winner

‘Medium bodied with rich white flowers and honeysuckle on the nose,’ said team leader Olivier Marie, taken with this wine’s fruity appeal, adding: ‘Nectarine, orange peel and orange blossom notes on the palate, with peach and nectarine.’

£8.34 Eurowines

Zenato, S.Cristina, Vigneto Massoni, Lugana 2014, Veneto, Italy

Bronze medal winner

‘Medium body, mineral with green notes on the nose; peaches with other stone fruit and yellow apple on the palate,’ said Jonathan Kleeman of The Ritz Hotel, with Vittorio Gentile of Theo Randall at The InterContinental Hotel alighting on minestrone soup as a good food match.

£11.12 Eurowines

Ca'rugate, Monte Fiorentine, Soave Classico 2013, Veneto, Italy

Bronze medal winner

According to Laurent Richet MS of Restaurant Sat Bains, this is ‘very well made, with vegetal bean notes, crushed pebble mineral, good fruit and acidity and clean citrus zest’. Good with 'creamy chicken dishes or oriental cuisine', said Richard Brooks of Caroline Catering.

£9.38 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Masi, Levarie, Soave Classico 2013, Veneto, Italy

Bronze medal winner

Team leader Jade Koch was impressed, noting: ‘Very good fruit character, excellent brightness and texture with nutty notes. A perfect example of a good Soave.’ ‘All is here,’ agreed Laurent Richet MS of Restaurant Sat Bains: ‘Vanilla hint, great balance, mineral and fruit.’

£7.67 Berkmann Wine Cellars

Corte del Sole, Soave Classico 2013, Veneto, Italy

Bronze medal winner

‘An unexpected style for a Soave,’ noted Laurent Richet MS of Restaurant Sat Bains, before adding: ‘Vanilla and a slightly oxidative note, almost a pickled apple. More of a food wine.’ ‘A little light, but has the brightness, pear and nutty character,’ said team leader Jade Koch.

£7.00 Jascots Wine Merchants

Zenato, Sergio Zenato, Lugana Riserva 2012, Veneto, Italy

Commended medal winner

£19.05 Eurowines


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