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Spain: Catalonia, Including Priorat 

2015: Gold 2 Silver 4 Bronze 5 Commended 5
2014: Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze 1 Commended 5

You might expect our tasters to be swooning at the big, characterful reds of Priorat, Monsant, et al. In fact, the feedback here was more nuanced. While the whites were universally loved (this was the best performance for the region’s blancos by a long way), the reds were more polarising. Some fell in love with the uncompromising whack of oak, spice and alcohol, others wanted more traditional balance. But if you want to mix it with the big boys, put your gloves on and step into the ring. Seconds out, round one…

Star Performer
Congratulations to Bodegas Chivite and Pago de Circus, which between them had an astonishing eight of this category’s 11 medals.

FOOTNOTE: Includes wines from Costers del Segre, Montsant, Priorat, Terra Alta & Costa Brava.

From the Tasting Teams

‘The whites were very easy and approachable: good as a first glass of wine for a meal or to drink at the bar. Afternoon sunshine wines!’ Vincent Pastorello, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

‘Overall, a really good traditional flight of Spanish styles – a mix of fresh, fruity and savoury characteristics, older oak and a sense of dusty terracotta roof tops.’ Mike Best, Wine & Spirit Education Trust

‘The Spanish flight I was hoping for! Wines that can stand alone on the wine list as something genuinely individual and interesting.’ James Hocking, The Vineyard Group

‘Oak was an issue on the reds. You expect oak and alcohol, but also more fruit too, and there was not enough breadth here.’ Gustavo Medina, Rex Whistler Restaurant

‘The reds were perhaps the best value and most consistent flight of the day.’ Simon Woods, team leader

‘These are big wines that have a place with big food: peppered steaks, game, anything with a real whack of flavour.’ Richard Brooks, Caroline Catering

Award winners

Found 16 wines

Spain: Catalonia, including Priorat

Torelló, Malvarel·lo, Penedès 2014, Catalonia, Spain

Gold medal winner

A hand-harvested 50:50 blend of Malvasia and Xarel-lo score Gold, with heady exoticism balanced with a tangy tautness. ‘Floral style with lots of blossoming flower notes and peach coming through on a well-structured finish,’ said Jonathan Kleeman of The Ritz Hotel, with Giuseppe Longobardi of The Cross at Kenilworth finding: ‘Yellow flowers and tropical fruit, mineral in the mouth and a dry, citrus finish.’ Perfect with carpaccio or seafood salad.

£9.97 Enotria&Coe

Tomàs Cusiné, Geol, Costers del Segre 2011, Catalonia, Spain

Gold medal winner

Majestic yet commercial, this was widely admired. 'Lovely nose of flowers and fresh dark fruits. Supple, round, with a juicy whack of oak,' said The Tate Group's Hamish Anderson. ‘Superb, with massive intensity and great length in the mouth, great potential,’ began James Hocking of The Vineyard Group, with Enikő Heidenwolf of Bread Street Kitchen adding: ‘Rich, fruity, plum and black cherry, very good texture with soft tannins and a fresh finish.’ Match with steak or stew.

£14.67 Bibendum

Mas Martinet, Menut 2011, Priorat, Spain

Silver medal winner

‘Big, full, juicy, ripe and raisiny, a powerful style with some volatile acidity, figgy notes on the palate and some freshness,’ began team leader Simon Woods, with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust's’s Mike Best adding: ‘Pronounced intensity and oak, black fruits, cedar, leather on the palate, with brown spices and dried fruits. Good.’

£8.06 Justerini & Brooks

Raimat, Ánima de Raimat, Blanco, Costers del Segre 2014, Catalonia, Spain

Silver medal winner

‘Sea salt notes and grapefruit on the nose, with a big, fresh attack and sweet finish of fresh pineapple,’ said Giuseppe Longobardi of The Cross at Kenilworth. Jonathan Kleeman of The Ritz Hotel added: ‘Elegant style with fullness in the mouth, peach, apricot and light spice notes to finish.’

£9.23 Matthew Clark

Fermi Bohigas, Mas Macià, Suprem Blanc 2014, Catalonia, Spain

Silver medal winner

A wine with light aromas and salty minerals on the nose, some stone fruit on the palate and a persistent, structured, lime citrus finish. Vincent Pastorello of Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester said: The palate is elegant and textural, with citrus fruit, medium acids and good balance. Easy to drink.'

£7.50 Boutinot

Castell del Remei, Oda Tinto, Costers del Segre 2009, Catalonia, Spain

Silver medal winner

‘Ripe, luscious vanilla nose, concentrated dark fruits and a touch of chocolatey acidity on the palate, with good length followed by dry tannins and wood,’ said Nigel Sutcliffe of Truffle Hunting. ‘Juicy, spicy, dried fruit aromas, quite dense and complex with good tannic length,’ added Andrea Fasan of La Petite Maison.

£11.30 Boutinot

Raimat, Ánima de Raimat, Tinto, Costers del Segre 2012, Catalonia, Spain

Bronze medal winner

‘Good, forthright attack with red plums, brambly and fresh,’ began team leader Sarah Jane Evans MW, with Gustavo Medina of Rex Whistler Restaurant adding: ‘Cedar wood nose, red and black cherry fruits with minty herbal notes, good texture and freshness.’

£9.23 Matthew Clark

La Báscula, No Stone Unturned, Garnacha/Cariñena, Terra Alta 2012, Catalonia, Spain

Bronze medal winner

‘Red and dried fruits on the nose, good fruit on the palate, with juicy minerality. A great glass of wine and good value,’ said consultant sommelier Maria Rodriguez. Wine & Spirit Education Trust’s Mike Best added: ‘Serious, with dark chocolate, raisins and dark cherries on the palate.’ Pair with boar.

£11.40 Boutinot

La Báscula, Catalan Eagle, Organic Garnacha Blanca/Viognier, Terra Alta 2014, Catalonia, Spain

Bronze medal winner

‘Floral and mineral notes throughout, with blossom and warm stones, plus some peach on the palate,’ began Jonathan Kleeman of The Ritz Hotel, with Giuseppe Longobardi of The Cross at Kenilworth noting: ‘Wet green leaf and dried fruit nose, light structure with good minerality.'

£6.95 Boutinot

Castell del Remei, Oda Blanc, Costers del Segre 2013, Catalonia, Spain

Bronze medal winner

‘Good, ripe tropical fruit, really well balanced with the oak and good acidity,’ began Neil Alexander of L’Enclume, while team leader Angela Reddin found: ‘Pink grapefruit and pomelo with some malt notes, nice rich, juicy palate with spicy oak and good length.’

£9.90 Boutinot

Cop de Ma, Fort, Priorat 2010, Catalonia, Spain

Bronze medal winner

‘Fresh red and black fruit aromas, subtle oak and savoury characters on the palate, with bright, fruity balance and some complexity,’ said Mike Best of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. ‘Generous damson, blackberry and earthy complexity with a cool mineral freshness to rein it all in,’ added team leader Simon Woods.

£10.45 Enotria&Coe

Vintae, Pioners del Priorat 2011, Priorat, Spain

Commended medal winner

£9.22 Vintae

Herencia Altés, L'Estel, Garnatxa Negra/Syrah, Terra Alta 2013, Catalonia, Spain

Commended medal winner

£10.60 Matthew Clark

Franck Massard, Humilitat Priorat 2012, Catalonia, Spain

Commended medal winner

£13.60 Enotria&Coe

Cop de Ma, Garnacha Blanca 2013, Catalonia, Spain

Commended medal winner

£6.17 Enotria&Coe

Cop de Ma, Garnacha Tinta 2014, Catalonia, Spain

Commended medal winner

£6.17 Enotria&Coe


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