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2016 Gold: 1 Silver: 3 Bronze: 4 Commended: 9
2015 Gold: 2 Silver: 4 Bronze: 1 Commended: 3

Siegerrebe, Bacchus and Schönburger might sound like a firm of New York lawyers, but in fact they’re all medal-winning varieties from English wineries in this year’s competition. Proof, if any were needed, that the UK is not your average wine-producing country.

Fizz might (justifiably) get most of the accolades when it comes to UK wine, but there’s more good still stuff out there than ever before – and it’s genuinely different, too.

English whites are usually characterised by spring hedgerow aromatics, needlepoint acidity and a certain weightlessness, skittering across the palate like ballet dancers. They’re not, for sure, to everyone’s taste, nor are they the cheapest wines on the planet. But they do have a certain uniqueness, and that makes them useful weapons in the ongoing somm war against tedious wine lists.

Lock and load, boys. Lock and load…


‘You can see the minerality and chalkiness of the soils that is prevalent across England. Before it was green apples, but now you can taste more ripeness of fruit.’ Andre Luis Martins, The Cavalry and Guards Club

‘There will come a time when we will see [aged English wines]. But English wine is about freshness, zinginess and elegance; good with salad or oysters.’ Andrea Briccarello, team leader

‘I never knew the English made wine before I came here; there is not a lot of international coverage.’ Meg Ryan, Fox Fine Wines & Spirits

‘With English red wines the quality isn’t there and the prices are too high.’ Tobias Brauweiler MS, Hakkasan Group

‘It will be interesting to see if sales have gone up since there has been this interest in local, native, forage. Price-wise English wine is still expensive compared to French or other equivalents.’ Jade Koch, team leader

“It depends so much on the vintage – there’s a problem of consistency. Burgundy isn’t consistent, but Burgundy has the history...” Joaquin Alba, Aramark at JP Morgan

“Usually it is low in alcohol, so would work as an aperitif, sitting on the terrace, on its own, or with salad.” Tomasz Kuszneruk, Plateau Restaurant  

Award winners

Found 17 wines


Lyme Bay Winery, Shoreline 2014, Devon, England

Gold medal winner

Wonderfully expressive, this cool fermented Bacchus/Seyval Blanc/Pinot Noir blend caught the panel's imagination. 'Peach and stone fruit on the nose, with a good, zesty palate attack,' said The Clove Club's Sam Heathcote, adding: 'The slightly saline finish makes it a great food wine.' Meanwhile Tomasz Kuszneruk of Plateau Restaurant found the 'jasmine, grassy, citrusy, white chalk' aromas of this wine attractive, also noting an 'almost spritzy palate of good minerality and fresh, summertime character'.

£9.43 Christopher Piper Wines, Templar Wines

Gusbourne, Pinot Noir 2014, Kent, England

Silver medal winner

Andrés Ituarte of Avenue Restaurant enjoyed this wine's 'elegance and delicate spice', noting its 'lovely dill herbaceousness and soft red cherry and cranberry fruit notes', while Hakkasan Group's Tobias Brauweiler MS found 'a touch of earth and ripe, integrated tannins'.

£15.50 Wright Wine Co, Clark Foyster Wines Ltd

Sharpham, Bacchus 2014, England

Silver medal winner

'Cucumber with raspberry notes on the nose, followed by delicious apple and pear with peach and floral lily notes on the palate,' said team leader Andrea Briccarello, while Tomasz Kuszneruk of Plateau Restaurant found its 'almost demi-sec style reminded me of Vouvray'.

£9.85 Sharpham Wines

Three Choirs, Cellar Door, Siegerrebe 2013, Gloucestershire, England

Silver medal winner

'Beautiful peach aromas, with good acidity and length,' began Joaquin Alba of Aramark at JP Morgan, with The Harrow at Little Bedwyn's Marcin Oziebly also finding 'very aromatic honey, white flowers, grapes and a touch of sultana'.

£9.50 Three Choirs Vineyards Ltd

Chapel Down, Kit's Coty Estate, Chardonnay 2013, Kent, England

Bronze medal winner

Marcin Oziebly of The Harrow at Little Bedwyn was struck by this wine's 'great minerality and length', finding: 'Golden apple, ripe peaches and white flower notes, along with a touch of crème brûlée.' Sarah Guignard of The French Table also noted a 'nice smoky aroma with a touch of cream and lemon'.

£11.95 Chapel Down

Camel Valley, Bacchus Dry 2014, England

Bronze medal winner

Vibrant, gooseberry aromas lead through to zesty citrus and green plum notes on the palate, which is dry, with a touch of richness, making it well suited to any light starter or salad dish.

£10.79 Matthew Clark, Camel Valley, St Austell Brewery

Denbies, Ranmore Hill 2014, Surrey, England

Bronze medal winner

'Aromatic, almost Gewürz notes on the nose,' began team leader Andrea Briccarello, going on: 'Honey and tropical notes on an intense, long palate.' 'Will be good with fish on a barbecue,' added The Sign of the Don's Carlos Ferreira.

£9.95 Denbies Wine Estate

Danebury, Schönburger 2014, Hampshire, England

Bronze medal winner

Sarah Guignard of The French Table enjoyed its 'pleasant floral nose, zippy, zesty palate and clean finish', while team leader Jade Koch found it 'light, breezy and fresh, with elderflower and lime notes'.

£7.70 Danebury Vineyards

Denbies, Pinot Gris 2014, Surrey, England

Commended medal winner

Hush Heath Estate, Skye's English, Chardonnay 2014, Kent, England

Commended medal winner

£11.75 Liberty Wines

Trevibban Mill, Black Ewe, Red 2014, Cornwall, England

Commended medal winner

£17.68 Trevibban Mill

Three Choirs, Cellar Door, Bacchus 2014, Gloucestershire, England

Commended medal winner

Danebury, Reserve 2013, Hampshire, England

Commended medal winner

Knightor, Trevannion 2014, Cornwall, England

Commended medal winner

Danebury, Madeleine Angevine 2013, Hampshire, England

Commended medal winner

Lyme Bay Winery, Bacchus Fumé 2014, Devon, England

Commended medal winner

Biddenden Vineyards , Ortega 2014, Kent, England

Commended medal winner


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