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2016 Gold: 2 Silver: 3 Bronze: 1 Commended: 1
2015 Gold: 2 Silver: 1 Bronze: 0 Commended: 2

Of all the Eastern European countries, Hungary is probably the closest to making inroads into the on-trade. Thirty years ago, it was Bulls Blood that was a staple of wine retailers’ shelves and wine lists across the country (and one picked up a Silver here), but this is a renaissance that’s largely being driven by dry whites.

Interestingly, the Lazarus-like resurrection is being led by the same grape (Furmint) and the same region (Tokaji) that give us the undeniably aristocratic (and undeniably expensive) dessert wines.

Prices of these dry versions aren’t exactly cheap either – only two medal winners under £10 was slightly disappointing – but they’re real sommelier wines: interesting, food-friendly, recommendable and different. Expect this part of the competition to grow and grow over the next few years…


‘You get character you don’t get anywhere else. Who wants another Cabernet? I wouldn’t buy a Cabernet from Hungary, I wouldn’t be interested.’ Christopher Delalonde MS, Medlar Restaurant

‘The quality of the whites was lovely – it was one of our favourite flights. The wines really overdelivered at the price.’ Laurent Richet MS, Restaurant Sat Bains

‘Our flight was so diverse – we had six different styles in about 10 wines.’ Chris Wood, Chelsea Vintners

Award winners

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Amand Wine Exports, Royal Tokaji, Single Vineyard, Mézes Mály, Dry Furmint 2010, Tokaj, Hungary

Gold medal winner

True elegance sets Royal Tokaji's Dry Furmint apart from the crowd, from the hints of spice and honey on the nose, to a long mineral finish.'Honeyed with ripe mango notes on the nose,' began team leader Laurent Richet MS, continuing: 'Late harvested, crème brûlée aromas, a fun wine that could suit the palate of those who prefer a sweeter style of wine.'

£14.77 Bibendum

Amand Wine Exports, Royal Tokaji, The Oddity, Furmint 2013, Tokaj, Hungary

Gold medal winner

'Really refreshing, lovely and rich mouthfeel with savoury but fruit-laden Rhône-like character,' began Chris Wood of Chelsea Vintners, while team leader Laurent Richet MS noted: 'Melon, yellow plum and golden apple fruit, with rich intensity on the palate and an oaky structure,' and Avenue Restaurant's Andrés Ituarte added: 'With peach and red apple, there's a creamy texture on the medium-bodied palate.'

£9.40 Bibendum

Szent Tamás, Percze, Dry Furmint 2012, Tokaj, Hungary

Silver medal winner

'Interesting salinity married with a creamy mouthfeel, heaps of apricot and nectarine but really dry on the finish,' said Chris Wood of Chelsea Vintners, while Tate Britain's Gustavo Medina picked up 'lovely perfume on the nose, white pepper and plenty of stone fruit complexity'.

£23.10 Alliance Wine

Szent Tamás, Mád, Dry Furmint 2015, Tokaj, Hungary

Silver medal winner

'Vibrant pear aromas, and a vibrant, exciting mouthfeel with good mineral notes. A great glass of wine,' said team leader Laurent Richet MS, with Tate Britain's Gustavo Medina highlighting its 'great aromatic, tropical fruit style with a tingle of acidity'.

£10.00 Alliance Wine

Bolyki, Egri Bikavér 2013, Eger, Hungary

Silver medal winner

'Very well made, this is a food wine, with white pepper spice and quite punchy oak compared to the ripeness of the fruit. Great balance and acidity,' said Sunaina Sethi of JKS Restaurants. 'Perfumed and aromatic, with resiny texture and fruit,' said Nelio Pinto of Candlesticks Hotel & Restaurant, while Vinoteca's Zigmars Grinbergs said: 'There's good earthy character alongside black berry fruit.'

£10.58 Top Selection Ltd

Béres, Tokaji Furmint 2013, Tokaj, Hungary

Bronze medal winner

'Shy on the nose, but nice tropical fruits, minerality and a little zesty touch on the palate. A good wine by the glass,' suggested Gustavo Medina of Tate Britain. 'Lush but elegant, fine but seductive,' added The Arts Club's Bart Michalewicz.

£9.65 Matthew Clark

Szent Tamás, Nyulászó Hárslevelű 2013, Tokaj, Hungary

Commended medal winner

£15.83 Alliance Wine


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