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 New World: Riesling

2017 Gold: 4 Silver: 5 Bronze: 3 Commended: 7
2016 Gold: 2 Silver: 7 Bronze: 4 Commended: 7


‘Swooning Somms in Love With Riesling Shock’. OK, so maybe it isn’t a news story to match the shenanigans coming out of the White House, but it is, at least, true, which makes a change.

Our tasters were generally very encouraged by what they saw here, giving out the highest number of Golds for four years. Moreover, it wasn’t All About Australia either. The Aussies managed their usual pair, but this year the Gold List was also backed up with examples from New Zealand and a predictably cheaper offering from Chile.

In general, our tasters were more favourably disposed towards the drier, zingier wines than the off-drys, which was an issue for New Zealand, in particular, but the plethora of prices, styles and countries here was good news for a category that doesn’t always generate as much positive feedback (or as many Golds) as you might think.


‘I love Australian Riesling! There are some great examples coming out of Clare Valley, Eden Valley and Tasmania. They can offer so much – just being fresh, bright and vibrant isn’t enough – and some of these wines showed that brilliantly.’ Kelvin McCabe, Yauatcha
‘I love Riesling when it’s mineral and sharp. Most of these were too sweet.’ Yohann Pinol, Wiltons

‘New Zealand is a good place to look for Riesling that’s clean and refreshing with varietal character, but not too overwhelming.’ Gabriel Liotta, Hakkasan Hanway Place

‘I was hoping for wines that were mineral and agile, like the best European Rieslings, but I found many of these too heavy, with none of the ethereal lightness I was looking for.’ Xabier Alvarez, Trangallán

‘Riesling as a category excites me a lot; it’s so food-friendly. I look for wines with great balance and bright, happy fruit.’ Jade Koch, team leader

‘I loved this [Australian] flight. There was consistency across the board. There were clearly some older bottles here, too – and great prices compared to other parts of the world.’ Simon Woods, team leader

‘I prefer styles that are more on the dry side; vibrant with high acidity.’ Maurizio Palomba, Sushi Samba


Award winners

Found 8 wines

New World: Riesling

Foley Family Vineyards, Te Kairanga, Riesling 2014, Martinborough, New Zealand

Gold medal winner

Great structure and depth, and an obvious Gold, according to our judges. ‘Clean, crisp and refreshing, with vibrant character and good texture on the palate,’ said Maurizio Palomba of Sushi Samba, while Stamatis Iseris of The Strathearn at The Gleneagles Hotel praised a ‘highly expressive palate, with fresh lime, lemon and sweet white flowers’. ‘An array of citrus, with dried flowers and a hint of seashell – a match for green-lipped mussels,’ thought team leader Angela Reddin.

£10.23 Matthew Clark

Apaltagua, Zapallar, Reserva, Riesling 2015, Curicó Valley, Chile

Gold medal winner

A ‘mineral, dry, clean and salty’ style, said Gabriel Liotta of Hakkasan Hanway Place of this Gold Lister, with its ‘very clean style on the palate and refreshing, racy finish’, while team leader Jade Koch found it ‘true to style, and very identifiable as Riesling’. Team leader Angela Reddin had nothing but praise, describing ‘peach and a hint of satsuma, with great acidity, and a very ripe style – the price clinches it’.

£7.00 Davy's Wine Merchants

Stratus, Charles Baker, Riesling 2012, Niagara Peninsula, Canada

Silver medal winner

Gabriel Liotta of Hakkasan Hanway Place enjoyed its ‘nice, mature style, very fruity with tangerine peel and zesty lime, dry with a long finish’, while team leader Jade Koch found it ‘pretty, with loads of clarity, bright and happy, hints of petrol, nectarine and blossom’.

£16.20 Bibendum

Viña Leyda, Single Vineyard, Neblina, Riesling 2012, Leyda Valley, Chile

Silver medal winner

Team leader Jade Koch noted ‘great petrol character on the nose, then a juicy and dry palate with apple and pear fruit, lovely on the mid-palate’, with Yohann Pinol of Wiltons finding ‘elegant minerality, interesting gooseberry and exotic fruit flavours and good balance’.

£10.13 Enotria&Coe

Kim Crawford, Dry Riesling 2014, Marlborough, New Zealand

Silver medal winner

This was ‘bone dry and lean, with lots of minerality, and very ageworthy’ for team leader Jade Koch, while Maurizio Palomba of Sushi Samba found it ‘clean and fruity, with good mineral content and a bright, intense and very concentrated palate’.

£9.38 Liberty Wines

Waimea, Spinyback, Riesling 2016, Nelson, New Zealand

Commended medal winner

Te Whare Ra, D, Riesling 2014, Marlborough, New Zealand

Commended medal winner

£12.90 Indigo Wine

Charles Smith, Kung Fu Girl, Riesling 2015, Washington State, USA

Commended medal winner

£11.35 Bibendum


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