NEW WORLD: Sauvignon Blanc, Chile

2017 Gold: 1 Silver: 5 Bronze: 6 Commended: 9
2016 Gold: 3 Silver: 4 Bronze: 6 Commended: 7


If you’re looking for well-priced Sauvignon that’s about fruit rather than pungency and favours cheerfulness over ambition, then this is probably the place to come.

The Gold count was a bit disappointing but one or two of the Leyda wines can probably consider themselves unlucky, and the overall feedback from the tasters was pretty good. Casablanca Valley and Leyda have firmly established themselves as the main go-to valleys.


‘Good food wines – and consumers know what they’re getting.’ Tom Forrest, team leader

‘There were some decent wines here, and really great value, too – good for casual restaurants and pubs. They work both with food and without.’ Adam Michocki, Chez Bruce

‘The best Leyda wines had that lovely, bright fruit, while some showed some restraint, too. Overall, these are a bit more subtle than Sauvignon from New Zealand, or from other New World countries.’ Laura Rhys MS, team leader

‘The cheaper wines here could be a bit neutral, but when they got to about £8 they were much better – classic, cool-climate Sauvignon Blanc. There was good freshness, and nice balance.’ Sam Caporn MW, team leader

‘The Leyda wines were pure and fresh with good fruit character. At these prices they’re up against entry-level Sancerre or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, and on this evidence I think they can compete.’ Mike Best, WSET

‘The best [Chilean] wines would definitely have a place on a wine list, perfect for a terrace in the summer.’ Tobias Brauweiler MS, Sake No Hana