NEW WORLD: Sauvignon Blanc, Rest of the World, including Argentina, Australia & California

2017 Gold: 1 Silver: 1 Bronze: 1 Commended: 1
2016 Gold: 1 Silver: 1 Bronze: 2 Commended: 0

With South Africa getting its own set of results this year, this section looked rather dishevelled. Argentina and (particularly) California and Australia are much more about Chardonnay than Sav and it rather showed in the level of entries.


‘If a Sauvignon Blanc has the character that you expect of the grape, it’s easy to sell – regardless of what country it comes from.’ J Corey Evans, St Swithins Wine Shippers

‘My problem with Sauvignon Blanc is that it’s too big and obvious. I have a very classic French list and I don’t even have any Sancerre.’ Geoffray Bénat, Cépages Wine Bistro