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2017 Gold: 3 Silver: 4 Bronze: 3 Commended: 7
2016 Gold: 1 Silver: 3 Bronze: 4 Commended: 9

When New World winemakers talk about cool climate, they usually mean ‘somewhere that’s less bakingly hot’, rather than ‘somewhere where it can be literally impossible to get the grapes to ripen in certain years’. This, though, isn’t the case for the UK – probably the most vintage-sensitive of all the countries in this year’s competition.

Happily, Britain is on a run of good vintages, with 2014 elegant, 2015 excellent and 2016 rumoured to be at the ‘eminently decent old boy’ end of things, too. The result? A lovely mix of medals here, with our first ever Red Gold and a string of decent, attractive, hedgerow-scented Bacchus whites warbling away in the background. 


‘I was very impressed with the flight: fresh, easy-drinking palate pleasers that match beautifully with food. It’s fun to show visitors what the UK can do outside of sparkling wines.’ Stefan Kobald, Jason Atherton Group

‘English wines are a hard sell. You can get better wines from other countries for the price.’ Michael Fiducia, Coworth Park Ascot

‘The whites are very spring-like in their freshness: green fruit and gentle aromatics.’

Jade Koch, team leader ‘I was surprised in a good way by the backbone, the structure, the acidity and the intensely fruity character of the whites. For their quality, the price is very reasonable.’ Stamatis Iseris, The Strathearn at The Gleneagles Hotel

‘UK wineries don’t necessarily need to sell in the on-trade, they have a cellar door, which makes more sense commercially.’ Matthieu Longuère MS, Le Cordon Bleu London 

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Hush Heath Estate, Manor, Pinot Noir 2015, Kent, England

Gold medal winner Critics Choice

‘This English Gold had a touch of sweetness, but this was a positive,' began Elly Owen of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall in praise of this excellent Pinot Noir, continuing: 'It’s an emerging style in terms of marketability. A really appealing delicate lighter style of red with potentially more of that sweetness. It makes it more generous with food.’ ‘A pretty, spicy and off-dry style, fresh with red berries on the palate,’ added Luciana Girotto-Beckett of Macellaio RC. 'Great with stilton dates and grilled figs with feta,' suggested Michael Moore of The London Cookhouse.

£13.84 Liberty Wines

Sharpham, Barrel Fermented 2014, South West England, England

Gold medal winner Food Match

Sharpham took both Gold and a Food Match Trophy for this ‘pretty style, with honeyed florality and crunchy acidity on a bright, refreshing palate’, began team leader Jade Koch. Le Cordon Bleu London’s Matthieu Longuère MS noted its ‘aromatic, leafy aromas, quite juicy palate with lovely fresh citrus and a mouthwatering finish’, venturing that it was like ‘an English answer to Riesling’. ‘Best paired with fruits de mer and sunshine,’ summarised Elly Owen of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall.

£10.79 Sharpham Wines

Bolney Estate, Bacchus 2015, Sussex, England

Gold medal winner

Judges were generous in their praise of this exceptional wine. ‘Aromatic and floral with notes of jasmine, some high acidity with chalky-salty minerality, like cracked oyster shells,’ said Stefan Kobald of Jason Atherton Group, with Vinoteca’s Charlie Young highlighting a ‘nicely perfumed nose with fruit ripeness, good body and quite aromatic on the palate, with a citrus and perfumed finish’. ‘Mineral and nutty aromas, gooseberry and citrus peel flavours – a well-made wine,’ added Sebastian Agnello of The Don Restaurant. ‘Drink with sea bass ceviche,’ suggested Charlie Young of Vinoteca.

£15.33 Bibendum

Camel Valley, Bacchus Dry 2015, Cornwall, England

Silver medal winner

‘Quite grown-up aromas, but very together,’ said Vinoteca’s Charlie Young, adding: ‘A well-balanced palate with orchard fruits and citrus acidity.’ Team leader Andrea Briccarello picked up an individual range of ‘juniper and cucumber aromas, off-dry style, grassy and mineral with notes of camomile and Earl Grey tea’.

£10.79 Matthew Clark, Camel Valley, St Austell Brewery

Trotton Estate Vineyards, Brilliant Bacchus with a Dash of Pinot Gris 2015, West Sussex, England

Silver medal winner

Le Cordon Bleu London’s Matthieu Longuère MS found ‘sherbet and pear drop aromas, an off-dry palate that’s really juicy and refreshing for a well-made, zippy wine’, with team leader Jade Koch also noting ‘fresh grassy aromas, a little spritz and spring-like blossom notes, crunchy and quaffable style with a note of peach on the finish’.

£8.45 The Exceptional English Wine Company

New Hall, Bacchus 2015, Essex, England

Silver medal winner

Sebastian Agnello of The Don Restaurant enjoyed its ‘peach, ripe golden apple and elegant notes of apricot with a good long finish’, while Stefan Kobald of Jason Atherton Group found ‘vegetal asparagus notes, hints of pepper spice and ginger, some wet rock minerality and medium acidity with a long finish’.

£9.08 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Danebury, Reserve 2015, Hampshire, England

Silver medal winner

A ‘good, refreshing, lemony style’, said Tanya Mann of Linden House Stansted, while team leader Jade Koch picked up notes of ‘elderflower blossom on the nose and a lighter-style palate with clean, clear, crisp and refreshing character’.

£7.00 Danebury Vineyards

Sharpham, Bacchus 2014, South West England, England

Bronze medal winner

‘An off-dry style that would be good for Asian foods, and put me in mind of a Mosel Riesling,’ said Piotr Artur Tomaszewski of Buddha Bar, who noted its ‘peach and apricot, pineapple fruit with notes of green pepper and green tea, good structure and rounded on the palate’.

£10.07 Sharpham Wines

Denbies, Bacchus 2015, Surrey, England

Bronze medal winner

Charlie Young of Vinoteca highlighted a ‘savoury nose with a twang of pear’, and Stefan Kobald of Jason Atherton Group found plenty of aromatic style: ‘Jasmine, rose petal, green tea, camomile, green apple and pear, with mineral chalky-salty hints on the palate, easy-drinking but best with some food.’

£9.95 Denbies Wine Estate

Denbies, Pinot Noir 2014, Surrey, England

Bronze medal winner

‘A good introduction to the style,’ began team leader Jade Koch, continuing: ‘Pretty fruit, juicy and refreshing with a well-balanced palate, and at a good price.’ ‘Light, fresh and easy to drink,’ added Bovey Castle’s Rustem Mingaleev.

£11.99 Denbies Wine Estate

Danebury, Madeleine Angevine 2014, Hampshire , England

Commended medal winner

Denbies, Ranmore Hill 2014, Surrey , England

Commended medal winner

Hush Heath Estate, Skye's English, Chardonnay 2015, Kent , England

Commended medal winner

£8.05 Liberty Wines

Lyme Bay, Chardonnay 2015, Devon, England

Commended medal winner

Lyme Bay, Bacchus Block 2015, Devon, England

Commended medal winner

Bolney Estate, Pinot Noir 2015, Sussex, England

Commended medal winner

£14.91 Bibendum


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