2018  GOLD: 2     SILVER: 4              BRONZE: 2           COMMENDED: 1
2017  GOLD: 2     SILVER: 2              BRONZE: 2           COMMENDED: 2

Could this be a tipping point? Ten, even five years ago, the cava category in the Sommelier Wine Awards was dead in the agua – even 2015 saw only four medals (and no Golds). Now, after faint flickers of life last year, we’ve seen a really good performance in 2018. It’s not just about the decent numbers of medals; it’s the feedback from the teams throughout the competition.

From a thoroughly decent sub-prosecco cheapie to the excellent Parés Baltà our teams could see a use for most of the styles they found here. If you don’t list any, it could be time for a rethink.


‘It’s nice to see cava back, it’s good value – you can find something nice below £10, but you can find good quality at the higher prices as well. They can compete against prosecco, they just need a bit of love.’ Lionel Periner, team leader

‘Cava’s always been great value but unappreciated. The main thing it needs to do is focus on advertising and get people to talk about it. Your average person doesn’t know cava, it’s a shame. We had something that could easily beat prosecco, and others that could stand up to champagne.’ Timothy Connor, Core by Clare Smyth

‘A great flight. Everybody thought they were really good.’ Joseph Lunn, Suave Wine