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Rosé Champagne

2018  GOLD: 1     SILVER: 4              BRONZE: 3           COMMENDED: 6
2017  GOLD: 4     SILVER: 4              BRONZE: 1           COMMENDED: 4

Champagne’s indifferent Sommelier Wine Awards continued into rosé. Yes, this category can sometimes flatter to deceive (and the generally high prices don’t help), but at a time when all things pink are still seriously trendy, this was a poor performance. One gold was the worst rosé performance since 2014 – the region was even outscored by England!

Moreover, there seemed to be a general shrugging of the shoulders from our tasters. Did they care? Not really. Some don’t even feel the need to stock it at all any more.


‘Some would fit in with a gastropub, some were more for fine dining. Some could be enjoyed on their own, some with food. Rosé champagne is a must-list.’ Robert Mason, Cheese at Leadenhall

‘The cheapest especially had good food matching potential. They often work well with Indian and Asian cuisine.’ Sumita Sarma, Sumilier

‘We have a white and a rosé champagne on our list for the same price, and I sell a lot more of the rosé than the white. I found a really good one from the south of the region, and it’s even cheaper than our house champagne.’ Adam Michocki, Glasshouse

‘Generally we agreed that they were pretty well made. They delivered well at the lower end, then there was a dip in the middle before coming back at the top end.’ Nigel Lister, team leader

‘We only ever have two champagnes: a grower champagne and a grande marque. We haven’t stocked a rosé champagne for years. There just wasn’t a market for it.’ James Fryer, Woodhead 17

‘Often people go for champagne just because it’s champagne, not because of the quality. Sometimes others like Franciacorta can be better for the price.’ Janusz Pawel Sasiadek, Bottles & Battles 

Award winners

Found 14 wines

Sparkling: Rosé - Champagne

Duménil, Premier Cru, Brut Rosé NV, Champagne, France

Gold medal winner

As it snapped up Gold, this was described as a ‘great value for money champagne’ by Adam Michocki of Glasshouse, who admired its ‘complex nose with pronounced intensity of peach, strawberry, biscuit and bread, fruit and acidity well balanced on the palate with delicate mousse’. For Jonathan Kleeman of Four Degree, it was ‘elegant, fresh and well balanced, with soft fruit and some complex mineral notes, too, with an aromatic finish’.

£23.67 Davy's Wine Merchants

Devaux, D, Rosé NV, Champagne, France

Silver medal winner

Sumita Sarma of Sumilier found this a ‘refreshing and elegant style’, enjoying its ‘golden apple and pear aromas with underlying biscuity characters, then a mid-palate that’s broad and generous with a mineral edge’.

£38.35 Liberty Wines

Montaudon, Grande Rosé, Brut NV, Champagne, France

Silver medal winner

Particularly noting ‘outstanding acidity that balances the fruit’, Sumilier’s Sumita Sarma enjoyed this champagne’s ‘lively, refreshing, energetic mousse, aromas of lemon and raspberry with warm biscuits, and a complex, long, elegant and vibrant style’.

£26.54 Matthew Clark

Doyard, Oeil de Perdrix, Grand Cru, Extra Brut 2011, Champagne, France

Silver medal winner

‘Not so much rosé, but extremely pale and delicate,’ began James Fryer of Woodhead 17, clearly impressed by the ‘fine mousse with baked red apple fruit and creamy baking spices’, with team leader Nigel Lister simply summing up: ‘Delicious.’

£55.56 Matthew Clark

Maison Perrier-Jouët, Blason Rosé NV, Champagne, France

Silver medal winner

Janusz Pawel Sasiadek of Bottles & Battles was struck by the ‘lovely delicate colour, pleasant nose of raspberries and strawberries, brilliant acidity and elegance’, while team leader Nigel Lister emphasised: ‘This is an exceptional wine which will deserve a specialist handsell – restrained power, superb layering of flavours, a real beauty.’

£57.72 Matthew Clark

Drappier, Brut Nature, Rosé NV, Champagne, France

Bronze medal winner

This impressed with its ‘raspberry millefeuille nose, lifted aromatics, lovely dry palate giving exceptional autolytic depth and a savoury finish’, said team leader Angela Reddin, while Cheese at Leadenhall’s Robert Mason picked up ‘blackcurrant, red cherry, gentle sweet spice, well-balanced body and complexity with great length’.

£32.65 Berkmann Wine Cellars

Lallier, Grand Rosé, Grand Cru, Brut NV, Champagne, France

Bronze medal winner

A ‘very good value’ pick for Cheese at Leadenhall’s Robert Mason, showing ‘a developed, complex nose with gentle brioche and bright red fruits, delicate mousse, good finesse and fresh acidity on the palate, with rose petal, redcurrant and acacia character’.

£22.00 Boutinot

Collet, Brut Rosé NV, Champagne, France

Bronze medal winner

Yauatcha City’s Javier Alonso Cardoso enjoyed the ‘herb and strawberry aromas with mineral notes, red fruit and toasty flavour, persistent finish and good salinity’, while team leader Angela Reddin noted ‘sweet summer berries and shortbread, flavoursome with lovely sustained mousse’.

£29.06 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Devaux, Cuvée Rosée NV, Champagne , France

Commended medal winner

£29.40 Liberty Wines

Ernest Remy, Rosé de Saignée 2010, Champagne, France

Commended medal winner

£35.52 Ester Wines

Taittinger, Nocturne Rosé, Sec NV, Champagne, France

Commended medal winner

£38.09 Hatch Mansfield

Taittinger, Comtes de Champagne, Brut Rosé 2006, Champagne, France

Commended medal winner

Charles Heidsieck, Rosé Réserve NV, Champagne , France

Commended medal winner

£40.76 Liberty Wines

Maison Mumm, GH Mumm, Brut Rosé NV, Champagne, France

Commended medal winner

£43.94 Matthew Clark


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