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Orange Wines

Our judges thought they were going to find weird, funky, slightly grubby oddballs in this category, but instead were presented with a flight of beautiful, characterful, interesting wines.

All our judges could see a use for these wines, and none had a problem with hand-selling them or highlighting them on a menu. The quality was good enough that customers would love them – and the food-match options were intriguing, too.

From The Tasting Teams

‘This flight was a saving grace. Orange wine can be a bit yeasty, but these were showing very well. They’re extremely food-friendly.’ Olivier Gasselin, OenoTrade

‘This was a nice surprise. I would definitely want these on a list. It’s a trend, and people are looking for them, but you want attractive examples that don’t go too far. You want people to understand the style and enjoy it.’ Laurent Richet MS, team leader

‘They’re really food-friendly, and prices weren’t too high. Because the style isn’t so popular, the prices aren’t as high as they perhaps deserve.’ Lucie Hammerschmiedova, Portland Restaurant

‘These were fantastic. Light, refreshing, clean and crisp with no cloudiness and no imperfections. Just well-made, interesting, flavourful, summer-drinking lusciousness. Some really good examples.’ Antóin UáRuairc, UK Midland Sommelier

‘I expect these to be funky and weird, but instead they were exciting. I liked all of them.’ Lucie Hammerschmiedova, Portland Restaurant

Award winners

Found 5 wines


Domaine de la Pinte, Sav'Or, Orange Wine 2017, Jura, France

Gold medal winner

'A refreshing, intense wine that's full of flavour, with ripe citrus fruit, clementines, blood orange, dried apricots and peaches.' Lucie Hammerschmiedova, Portland Restaurant. 'This is exuberant, with a savoury edge and some minerality, as well as pure floral aromas and a fine grippy texture.' Mattia Mazzi, Cornerstone. 'Nicely funky - a proper grown-up wine.' Dave Cushley, Prestonfield House.

£22.65 Bibendum

Luis Felipe Edwards, Macerao, Orange Moscatel 2019, Itata Valley, Chile

Gold medal winner

'Interstellar... this is fruity and vibrant, with some peach on the nose, and a lingering aftertaste.' Antóin UáRuairc, UK Midland Sommelier. 'This is big and fragrant, with bags of fruit and character, and just a subtle grip.' Dave Cushley, Prestonfield House. 'Rose petals and dragon fruit aromas with a touch of sweet spice, leading to a fresh and clean palate with plenty of acidity and texture.' Charlie Young, team leader.

£7.38 Matthew Clark

Rigal, Original, Gros Manseng, Vin Orange 2018, France, France

Silver medal winner

'Clean, white peach aromas joined by some good citrus fruit and sour nectarine flavours, with some fine, light tannins.' Charlie Young, team leader. 'Rather lovely and refreshing. A lovely glass of wine by the pool or with a plate of prawns and cocktail sauce.' Laurent Richet MS, team leader. 'Juicy, linear and refreshing - a great introduction to orange wines.' Mattia Mazzi, Cornerstone.

£10.99 Inverarity Morton

Ca'Rugate, Bucciato, Soave Classico Superiore 2018, Veneto, Italy

Bronze medal winner

'A refined and classy wine with sleek structure, great intensity and balance, and a long, multi-dimensional finish.' Mattia Mazzi, Cornerstone. 'Ginger spice and great fruits make for a complex and well-balanced aroma and palate, with a great waxy texture.' Sam Weatherill, Etch. by Steven Edwards. 'Quite complex, with freshness and focus.' Olivier Gasselin, OenoTrade.

£18.93 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Domaine Lafage, Taronja de Gris, Orange Wine 2018, Roussillon, France

Bronze medal winner

'Rich, ripe and aromatic, with hints of hazelnuts and walnuts, leading to some grape notes on the finish. Very crystalline overall.' Olivier Gasselin, OenoTrade. 'Mineral and savoury notes on the subtle nose, with a hint of orange, and a broad palate with texture straight away, but nicely integrated and paced, with red berry, orange rind and sweet spice on the finish.' Charlie Young, team leader.

£16.54 Bibendum