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Rosé above £6

As recently as 2016, this ‘over £6’ rosé category was picking up only two places on the Gold List. Since then it’s been a soaraway success, with Golds making it into double figures for the first time this year. This wasn’t about tasters getting carried away with the pink stuff, either: it’s a trendy category, and winemakers have massively upped their game.

Price-wise, they ran from eyebrow-raisingly cheap to jaw-droppingly expensive. Colours ranged from ‘almost white’ to ‘almost red’, styles from ‘fresh and zesty’ to ‘rich and oaked’. This is a category that is growing in style and complexity.

And though we had wines here from China to Chile, Europe (particularly France/Provence) dominated. Only five of our 30+ medals were from the New World, which suggests that there’s room for even more Golds next year.

From the Tasting Teams

‘You could list two Provence rosés: a basic, crisp easy-going one and a more premium characterful example.’ Andre Luis Martins, team leader

‘[The Clos du Temple] was fantastic: rich and complex, gastronomic. At the lower end, these were what you’d expect: sunshine in a glass.’ Andres Ituarte, Tamarind Collection

‘I work at a steakhouse, and we are looking for more creamy, full-bodied rosés.’ Savvas Symeonidis, Goodman Restaurant Mayfair

‘Rosé is a category where people want pale and dry, and if they get that they don’t look closer.’ Carolina W Siebel, Comptoir Cafe and Wine

‘The flight was all over the place. Some were too expensive for what they provided, and some were even aged in oak, which I didn’t understand.’ Erik Simonics, Annabel’s

‘£12 to £15 trade price is the sweet spot for restaurants for Provence rosé.’ Tanguy Martin, Blandford Comptoir

‘The colour is very important to consumers. If you have something that’s too pale or too deep, they get concerned. They are very appearance-focused.’ Joshua Castle, Noble Rot

‘Some had some oak, which I really liked, but you’d have to explain that in a restaurant.’ Cinthia Lozano, The Winery Honduras

Award winners

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Rosé - > £6

Leone de Castris, Five Roses, Rosato 2019, Puglia, Italy

Gold medal winner

'This has a truly lovely floral component of red roses and lilies, mingling with the scent of Mediterranean spices like sage, thyme and marjoram. It has lovely linear acidity on the palate, with crunchy red fruit notes and a lively citrus edge. A mix of seaweed and flinty saltiness lingers in the mid-palate, beautifully dissolving into a zesty finish. A balanced wine with great refinement.' Emanuel Pesqueira, Edwardian Hotels London.

£11.30 Eurowines

Dolianova, Rosada, Cannonau 2018, Sardinia, Italy

Gold medal winner

'With honeyed, rhubarb fruit notes, this is balanced and interesting, with more tannic grip than usual, giving it more character.' Jade Koch, team leader. 'Ripe red plums, strawberries and dried hibiscus are followed by refreshing acidity, creating a lovely balanced, seductive and delicate complexity.' Valentin Radosav, Gymkhana Restaurant London.

£8.90 LWC Drinks

Domaine des Carabiniers, Lunar Apogé, Tavel Rosé 2018, Rhône, France

Gold medal winner

'There's good fruit intensity here, with ripe red strawberries and cherries, and some notes of sweet spice to it too, leading to a creamy finish.' Marco Marcuzzo, Zuma Rome. 'A gastronomic wine, with rich intensity on the nose and palate.' Andre Luís Martins, team leader. 'Crunchy, fresh red fruit with an oily texture that could stand up nicely to richer foods.' Joshua Castle, Noble Rot.

£11.42 Davy's Wine Merchants

Domaine de la Rouvière , Côtes de Provence Rosé 2019, Provence , France

Gold medal winner

'Zippy, fresh and delicate. On the nose it's floral and summery, and there are lovely light notes of strawberries on the palate.' Sam Winterbottom, The Albert Square Chop House. 'A very pleasant rosé, with crisp acidity and notes of sweet raspberries. A great aperitif.' Lucie Hammerschmiedova, Portland Restaurant. 'With ripe fruit and zesty acidity, this is an approachable crowd pleaser.' Laura Rhys MS, team leader.

£7.95 Famille Helfrich

Bartolomeo Breganze, Le Colline di San Giorgio, Pinot Grigio Rosé 2019, Veneto, Italy

Gold medal winner By the glass

'A very refreshing rosé, with some minerality and a touch of savoury character. It's quite precise and subtle, with an elegant frame.' Olivier Gasselin, OenoTrade. 'Fresh, delicate redcurrants and strawberries, with some crisp acidity.' Vivienne Franks, Aspects of Wine. 'Notes of fresh strawberries, green melon, roses and yellow peach - excellent value for money.' Emanuel Pesqueira, Edwardian Hotels London.

£6.01 Majestic Commercial

Gérard Bertrand, Clos du Temple Rosé, Cabrières 2018, Languedoc, France

Gold medal winner

'An exquisite rosé, with precise aromas of ripe apricot and peach, and delicate floral notes. Perfectly balanced with extraordinary freshness stylishly interwoven with minerality.' Emanuel Pesqueira, Edwardian Hotels London. 'A peachy, Bellini note with oxidative nuttiness and a creamy texture with a fresh acidic attack. Excellent weight makes this a great food-pairing wine.' Andres Ituarte, team leader.

£152.79 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Bodega Cooperativa Cigales, Torondos Rosado 2019, Cigales, Spain

Gold medal winner

'A very perfumed nose with floral hints of roses and violette, as well as black cherry. This is the type of rosé that is able to pair with dishes with a richer sauce.' Immacolata Cannavo, Hakkasan Mayfair. 'Excellent balance of acidity makes this seem almost dry. Great for pubs, brasseries and outdoor dining, with value for money that can't be beaten!' Anja Breit, abWINEconsulting.


Minuty, Prestige, Côtes de Provence 2019, Provence, France

Gold medal winner

'Beautiful aromas leap out of the glass, with sweet pear and a subtle hint of cloves.' Sam Winterbottom, The Albert Square Chop House.'This has great weight, and would suit a fine-dining restaurant as a good-quality by-the-glass option.' Charlotte Davies, The Three Chimneys Restaurant with Rooms. 'Round and luscious, this would go down well with some canapés.' Stephanie Robertson, RA Group.

£15.95 Berkmann Wine Cellars

Minuty, Rose et Or, Côtes de Provence 2019, Provence, France

Gold medal winner

'Pungent aromas with ripe red fruit and herbs lead to good intensity on the palate, with flowing acidity keeping it fresh, while at the same time there’s good complexity and depth.' Charlie Young, team leader. 'A great aroma of fresh strawberries and flowers, leading to dry red berries on the palate. Vibrantly refreshing - an elegant style of rosé.' Cinthia Lozano, The Winery Honduras.

£20.10 Berkmann Wine Cellars

Bodega Sierra Norte, Pasión de Bobal, Organic, Rosado 2019, Utiel-Requena, Spain

Gold medal winner

'This is lovely to drink, with a rich and aromatic nose with white flowers, mainly elderflower, leading to a warm palate that's super fruity and floral with a bit of yeasty character.' Bianca Potenza, 212 Amsterdam. 'A very well-balanced wine, with a floral element and some grassiness, leading to pleasingly expansive red fruits and light tannins, and zippy acidity to finish.' Oliver Zelenczuk, London Shell Co.

£7.50 Boutinot

Quinta das Arcas, Arca Nova, Rosé 2019, Vinho Verde, Portugal

Silver medal winner

'Fresh, fruity and vibrant with a hint of residual sugar, this is a real summer drink, with aromas of confected red berries and a delicate petillance.' Charlie Carter, L' Atelier Du Vin. 'A lively wine with perfect prickle and some light summer pudding flavours, this is quite delicious. Great to match gooseneck barnacles or a goats' cheese tomato tart.' Angela Reddin, team leader.

£6.61 Bibendum , Matthew Clark

Château Saint-Maur , L'Excellence, Côtes de Provence 2019, Provence, France

Silver medal winner

'A lovely, edgy rosé with delicate strawberry and cranberry on the nose and a textured mouthfeel with layers of complexity, and an interplay of sweet and sour flavours right to the finish.' Charlie Carter, L' Atelier Du Vin. 'A textured wine with good fruit and a refreshing finish - a great option for high-end restaurant wine lists.' Raphael Thierry, consultant.


Famille Negrel, Mas de Cadenet, Côtes de Provence Rosé 2019, Provence, France

Silver medal winner

'Elegant and delicate, with intense ripe peaches and apricot notes, as well as some flowers, all balanced by subtle acidity and minerality. A fresh summer aperitif!' Lucie Hammerschmiedova, Portland Restaurant. 'An approachable crowd pleaser with bright freshness and cleansing acidity.' Charlotte Davies, The Three Chimneys Restaurant with Rooms.

£14.28 London Wine Shippers

Gassier, Esprit Gassier Rosé, Côtes de Provence 2019, Provence, France

Silver medal winner

'Great balance, with crisp acidity, sweet peaches, strawberries and minerality, and a long finish, all make this the perfect rosé.' Lucie Hammerschmiedova, Portland Restaurant. 'Pink grapefruit peel with light seaweed aromas, followed by a refreshing palate with wild strawberries.' Andre Luís Martins, team leader.

£12.58 Enotria&Coe

Bottenago, Anima Chiaretto, Riviera del Garda Classico 2019, Lombardy, Italy

Silver medal winner

'Strawberry and bramble aromas lead to delicate yet juicy red berry characters on the palate, with slight creaminess and a crisp, dry finish.' Emanuel Pesqueira, Edwardian Hotels London. 'With sour fruit and a creamy, flinty flavour, as well as nice texture and zippy acidity, this will pair well with sunshine and light dishes.' Charlie Carter, L' Atelier Du Vin.


Les Costières de Pomerols, Délicat Rosé, Côtes de Thau 2018, Côtes de Thau, France

Silver medal winner

'An intense nose, with slightly dried fruit, and with nice stone fruits on the palate, leading to a subtle aftertaste with good acidity.' Bianca Potenza, 212 Amsterdam. 'With yellow plums and red apples, and a touch of spice on the palate, this is an easy-drinking wine for a late summer afternoon.' Elena Serban, Heritage Restaurant.

£6.61 Matthew Clark

LGI-Wines, Le Beau Sud, Grenache Rosé, Pays d’Oc 2019, Côtes De Gascogne, France

Silver medal winner

'Opening with raspberries and chalky minerality, leading to soft fruit on the palate, but with minerality that adds complexity, making it more of a food wine.' Tim Smith, Winesurfer Consulting. 'Elegant and fresh aromas, and a refreshing palate with a good green, herbal character and nice minerality.' Andre Luís Martins, team leader.

£6.52 Matthew Clark

Charles Smith Wines, Band of Roses Rosé 2018, Washington, USA

Silver medal winner

'A strong fruit profile on the nose, with good complexity of red fruit on the palate, and a touch of minerality on the aftertaste. A gastronomic restaurant rosé, and good value.' Gaetano Giangaspero, C&C. 'Very light and floral, with some apricot and nectarine notes alongside pretty dried flowers.' Andres Ituarte, team leader.

£13.07 Bibendum

Minuty, Château Minuty 281 2019, Provence, France

Silver medal winner

'Balanced, with nice texture and generous cherry and raspberry notes.' Aurore Anguenot, Aviary. 'Fresh, wild strawberry notes with some gentle hibiscus aromas and an oyster shell note too, plus a light mintiness.' Andre Luís Martins, team leader. 'A brilliant wine, with great freshness and good salinity.' Tanguy Martin, Blandford Comptoir.

£44.40 Berkmann Wine Cellars

Domaine Lafage, Miraflors Rosé 2018, Roussillon, France

Silver medal winner

'A subtle floral nose with a warm palate, this has good character, and is a lovely wine to drink by itself.' Bianca Potenza, 212 Amsterdam. 'Crisp red fruit and some high acidity, with some pastry notes and some dairy too.' Savvas Symeonidis, Goodman Restaurant Mayfair. 'With its persistent, soft fruity character, this is a good by-the-glass option for a casual restaurant.' Raphael Thierry, consultant.

£10.89 Bibendum

Quinta das Arcas, Conde Villar, Vinho Verde Rosé 2019, Vinho Verde, Portugal

Bronze medal winner

'Bright, with a subtle spritz and some strawberry fruit, leading to a happy, breezy mid-palate. Delicate and refreshing.' Jade Koch, team leader. 'Fun, with some fizzy notes on the palate. An easy-drinking wine with rhubarb and strawberry notes, and some lively acidity.' Emanuel Pesqueira, Edwardian Hotels London.

£7.54 Bibendum

Chateau Changyu Moser, Helan Mountain Range, Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc de Noir 2019, Ningxia, China

Bronze medal winner

'A pale rosé with an intriguing floral character alongside bright red plums, cherries and a delicate almond finish.' Valentin Radosav, Gymkhana Restaurant London. 'Fleshy, with lots of texture, finishing peppery with some strawberry notes. A food rosé, perhaps for pork belly.' Jade Koch, team leader.

£13.08 Bibendum

Domaine de la Baume, La Baume Rosé 2019, Languedoc, France

Bronze medal winner

'With a brilliant ruby-red hue and notes of ripe strawberry and orange, this is excellent value for money.' Emanuel Pesqueira, Edwardian Hotels London. 'Vibrant red fruit aromas with some floral notes leading to good intensity on palate. Good structure and a refreshing finish. Great for summer drinking.' Charlie Carter, L' Atelier Du Vin.

£6.49 Dayla

Angels & Cowboys, Rosé 2019, Sonoma County, California, USA

Bronze medal winner

'A fresh and lifted wine with some yoghurt notes and the slightest green leaf note.' James Fryer, team leader. 'Very delicate, fresh and elegant.' Olivier Gasselin, OenoTrade. 'With notes of white flowers, strawberries and cream, this is quite delicate, with a good bitter finish, making it suitable for a range of food-pairing options.' Charlie Carter, L' Atelier Du Vin.

£12.24 Enotria&Coe

Château Canet, Sea Change, Rosé 2019, Languedoc, France

Bronze medal winner

'This has vibrant red fruit and refreshing acidity, along with mineral notes and red flowers.' Savvas Symeonidis, Goodman Restaurant Mayfair. 'Light garden berries and white flowers, with crisp acids and long mineral length.' Andres Ituarte, team leader. 'Delicate red fruit on the nose, with good weight on the palate.' Gaetano Giangaspero, C&C.

£7.12 10 International Ltd

Château Gassier, St Victoire 946, Côtes de Provence Rosé 2018, Provence, France

Bronze medal winner

'A serious style, with a creamy texture and less overt fruit.' Laura Rhys MS, team leader. 'Rich and earthy for such a light style, with rustic qualities such as fresh hay well woven in with the soft peachy fruit.' Sam Winterbottom, The Albert Square Chop House. 'A good option for fine dining by the glass, and for higher-end wine flights.' Charlotte Davies, The Three Chimneys Restaurant with Rooms.

£35.00 Great Western Wine

Costaripa, RosaMara, Valtènesi Chiaretto 2019, Lombardy, Italy

Bronze medal winner

'Delicately fruited, with lovely, well-defined red berry fruit and some floral notes that are persistent on the palate, leading to a dry, bracing finish.' Joshua Castle, Noble Rot. 'A great wine to drink any time of the day, with violet and rose notes as well as some raspberry and banana.' Immacolata Cannavo, Hakkasan Mayfair.

£13.08 Alivini

Accolade, Berri Estates, Rosé 2018, South Eastern Australia, Australia

Bronze medal winner

'A juicy, off-dry, luscious style with loads of strawberries and some minerality on the finish.' Jade Koch, team leader. 'Concentrated, with rhubarb-and-custard sweets.' Oliver Zelenczuk, London Shell Co. 'A sweet nose with red berry notes and a palate that's off-dry and fruity.' Bianca Potenza, 212 Amsterdam.

£6.32 Matthew Clark

Mesta, Organic Tempranillo Rosé 2018, Central Castile, Spain

Bronze medal winner

'A gastronomic style, opening with intense aromas of both redcurrant and cassis, with vibrant red fruits on the palate, and great flavour intensity and texture. A versatile wine that will pair well with a variety of foods.' Charlie Carter, L' Atelier Du Vin. 'Red berries and ripe papaya, with a great mineral flow underpinning crunchy fruit on the textural, smooth palate, and with a great sapid finish.' Angela Reddin, team leader.

£7.15 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Château D'Esclans, Domaines Sacha Lichine, Côtes de Provence 2018, Provence, France

Bronze medal winner

'Outstanding, with vivid aromas of strawberries and pears. Well-balanced and elegantly structured, with subtle minerality and great presence of oak, giving it a creamy style.' Cinthia Lozano, The Winery Honduras. 'Not your typical, simple rosé. This is certainly food-friendly - with its melted butter and nutty flavours it can stand up to richer dishes.' Anja Breit, abWINEconsulting.

£28.88 Bibendum

Argento, Malbec Rosé 2019, Mendoza, Argentina

Bronze medal winner

'Super-pretty and elegant, with fresh spritz and some grassy notes with blackberries.' James Fryer, team leader. 'Fresh red-fruit aromas, and a refreshing palate with good fruit intensity. Well-balanced overall.' Andre Luís Martins, team leader. 'With clean and stony minerality and a lovely structure, this will benefit from food-pairing.' Rémi Cousin, Le Gavroche.

£8.55 Bibendum

Three Choirs, Rosé 2019, Gloucestershire, England

Bronze medal winner

'Smooth, red berry aromas lead to a pleasant palate with a touch of sweetness and elegant acidity, with a refreshing finish and a touch of spice.' Lionel Periner, team leader. 'With lifted aromatics of wild strawberries, and a lovely spiced ginger and cinnamon palate, this is great value.' Nigel Lister, St. Swithins Wine Shippers.

£6.74 Jascots Wine Merchants, Three Choirs Vineyards Ltd

Bodega de Sarría, Señorío de Sarría Rosado 2019, Navarra, Spain

Bronze medal winner

'A classic style that would sell extremely well as a house rosé, with grassy notes joined by some blackcurrant.' James Fryer, team leader. 'Bright and fresh red fruit comes forward, joined by an ample floral element, and followed by delicate nutty notes.' Valentin Radosav, Gymkhana Restaurant London.

£6.55 Boutinot

Cantina di Custoza, Val dei Molini, Bardolino, Chiaretto Classico 2019, Veneto, Italy

Commended medal winner

£7.35 Eurowines

Donatien Bahuaud, Les Faluns, Rosé d'Anjou 2019, Loire, France

Commended medal winner

The Wine People, Frederico, Pinot Grigio Blush 2019, Venezie, Italy

Commended medal winner

Cavit, Terrazze Della Luna, Pinot Grigio Rosato, Vigneti Delle Dolomiti 2019, Trentino, Italy

Commended medal winner

£6.60 Boutinot

Bouchard Aîné & Fils, Héritage Du Conseiller, Pinot Noir Rosé 2018, Vin de France, France

Commended medal winner

Furleigh Estate, Sea Pink 2018, Dorset, England

Commended medal winner

Gassier, Le Pas du Moine, Côtes de Provence 2019, Provence, France

Commended medal winner

£14.22 Enotria&Coe

Yealands Estate , Single Vineyard, Pinot Noir Rosé 2019, Awatere Valley, New Zealand

Commended medal winner

£11.70 Enotria&Coe

Famille Sumeire, Château Coussin 2019, Côtes de Provence, France

Commended medal winner


Famille Sumeire, Château L'Afrique 2019, Côtes de Provence, France

Commended medal winner

£11.98 Museum Wines

Santa Rita, Rita Rosé (in can) -1, Aconcagua, Chile

Commended medal winner

£8.04 Matthew Clark

Frescobaldi, Alie, Tenuta Ammiraglia, Rosé 2019, Tuscany, Italy

Commended medal winner

Garzón Estate, Pinot Noir Rosé 2019, Maldonado, Uruguay

Commended medal winner

£10.46 Liberty Wines

Pardevalles, Prieto Picudo, Rosado 2019, Castilla y León, Spain

Commended medal winner


Château Saint Roux , Pigeonnier, Organic Côtes de Provence 2018, Provence, France

Commended medal winner

£13.56 Bibendum

Bodega de Sarría, Señorio de Sarria Viñedo No. 5 Rosado 2019, Navarra, Spain

Commended medal winner

£7.90 Boutinot

Boutinot, Lieux Perdus, Pinot Noir Rosé, Pays d'Oc 2019, Languedoc, France

Commended medal winner

£6.95 Boutinot