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Sparkling Rosé: England

This, perhaps, is where the UK’s USP might lie. Not just fizz, but pink fizz. For the second year on the trot we had a decent raft of medals and – perhaps more importantly – really good feedback from the tasters. They like this stuff – and it does absolutely no harm that it tends to be £10+ per bottle cheaper than its pink equivalent from Champagne.

So while the odd judge expressed reservations about the price in general of British sparklers (they’re not a bargain basement option, it’s true) most felt they ticked lots of boxes: elegant, local, recognisably similar to champagne, yet distinctively different and, again, better priced.

Many, many congratulations to Fox & Fox, by the way. To pick up three places on our Gold List is completely unprecedented for a single English fizz producer.

From The Tasting Teams

‘For me, it was a dream. You’re seeing the quality of English sparkling come through. Last year, the quality was 50/50, but this is more consistent.’ Harry Ballmann, Folie

‘The big problem is that English sparkling is expensive. I find it’s a difficult sell, and that people generally prefer to go for champagne. The wine is good quality; the problem is price.’ Janusz Pawel Sasiadek, Mercato Metropolitano

‘What was interesting was that you’d be very happy with the cheaper wines. Once we got to the more expensive ones we weren’t necessarily getting better quality.’ Sarah Jane Evans MW, team leader

‘These showed typicity and maturity – nice ripe fruit and zesty aromas.’ José Luis Hernandez, Hakkasan

‘With English wine you have to take price into account, to think, “is this going to fit on a list compared to other wines?‘ Michael Fiducia, Royal Automobile Club

‘The wines from Buckinghamshire, Cornwall and other places are all very different. You’re starting to visualise terroir in England.’ Harry Ballmann, Folie

‘Overall, these had plenty of red fruits and would be very good for serving with food: seafood and oily salmon, maybe some medium salt cheeses.’ Jurijs Nemkovs, StreetXO

Award winners

Found 15 wines

Sparkling: Rosé England

Grange Estate Wines , The Grange, Hampshire, Pink -1, Hampshire, England

Gold medal winner

'A lightly coloured, delicately flavoured rosé, with crunchy fruit that carries nicely through to its long finish. Refreshing.' Joshua Castle, Noble Rot. 'Right from the start you get these lovely fruit and pastry notes that go all the way through to the end.' Timothy Connor, Heddon Street Kitchen. 'Good for discerning champagne lovers, and for fine-dining establishments and wine bars alike.' Jurijs Nemkovs, StreetXO.

£20.00 Grange Estate Wines

Fox & Fox, Mosaic Brut, Rosé 2015, East Sussex, England

Gold medal winner

'This has a beautiful salmon-orange colour, and is pithy and citrus-driven, with potential to age well.' Harry Crowther, Grape Times UK. 'An elegant nose, with all of the flavours rolling out on the palate and a slightly oily texture that just lasts and lasts.' Timothy Connor, Heddon Street Kitchen. 'Something to have alongside a meal, with its vibrant acidity and richness on the finish.' Aurore Anguenot, Aviary.

£22.86 Amathus

Camel Valley, Pinot Noir, Brut Rosé 2018, Cornwall, England

Silver medal winner

'A very enjoyable and refreshing wine, with lots of juicy, vibrant red fruits, soft mousse and good acidity.' Jade Koch, team leader. 'Lovely, punchy fruit with some floral notes, and a bit of crunch leaving me wanting more.' Timothy Connor, Heddon Street Kitchen. 'This would be great for any time as a light aperitif, and would be ideal for a wine bar or alongside some seafood.' Jurijs Nemkovs, StreetXO.

£19.73 Matthew Clark, Camel Valley, St Austell Brewery

Ridgeview Wine Estate, Fitzrovia Rosé -1, East Sussex, England

Silver medal winner

'A beautiful, engaging nose with citrus, minerality, floral notes and some wild strawberry, and some superb definition in the mouth, with a well-defined, classy palate. Great stuff.' Angela Reddin, team leader. 'Rounded and voluptuous on the palate, with smoked cherry notes, good intensity of fruit and a persistent finish.' Harry Crowther, Grape Times UK.

£28.30 Bibendum

Harrow & Hope, Brut Rosé 2017, Buckinghamshire, England

Silver medal winner

'An ethereal, delicate style, with the fleeting memory of fruit and roses, and a light mocha note, with a finish that's tart and refreshing.' Sarah Jane Evans MW, team leader. 'This has notes of pear, apple, strawberries and raspberries, along with a floral hint and high acidity, with fruit that keeps coming back to balance.' Luma Monteiro, Wineria.

£27.42 Jascots Wine Merchants

Wyfold Vineyard, Rosé 2015, Oxfordshire, England

Bronze medal winner

'Opening with a warm autolytic nose, with underlying intense red fruits with blood orange and pink grapefruit too, there's a nice richness on the palate.' Michael Fiducia, Royal Automobile Club. 'This balances savoury, toasty flavours with some ripe orchard fruit.' Joshua Castle, Noble Rot. 'A bone-dry style that's well-suited to seafood.' Aurore Anguenot, Aviary.

£18.50 Laithwaite's Wine

Gusbourne, Brut Rosé 2015, Kent, England

Bronze medal winner

'One for sparkling wine connoisseurs - and special occasions - this is a good, representative example of quality English sparkling wine.' Jurijs Nemkovs, StreetXO. 'An interesting wine that's gentle on the nose, and elegant, making for a good aperitif. It has ageing potential too.' Michele Ciciriello, China Tang at The Dorchester.

£30.00 Gusbourne Estate

Greyfriars, Rosé -1, Surrey, England

Bronze medal winner

'A beautifully complex nose, with soft autolysis supporting ripe stone fruits, red apple and a delicate florality, leading to a rounded, long finish.' Michael Fiducia, Royal Automobile Club. 'Mouthwatering, with red fruit like cranberry and cherry, and autolysis very present on the finish. I can see this being served with a strawberry cheesecake in a restaurant.' Aurore Anguenot, Aviary.

£18.41 Matthew Clark, Greyfriars Vineyard

Greyfriars, Rosé Reserve, Brut 2014, Surrey, England

Bronze medal winner

'There's great balance here of elegant fruit and minerality, supported by some lovely acidity, and leading to a long, intense finish.' Janusz Sasiadek, Mercato Metropolitano. 'A subtle but complex nose of stone fruit and warm dough, leading to a soft, rounded palate.' Michael Fiducia, Royal Automobile Club.

£22.90 Matthew Clark, Greyfriars Vineyard

Flint Vineyard, Charmat Rosé 2018, Norfolk, England

Bronze medal winner

'Elegant, bright and juicy, with strawberry fruits and lots of life.' Jade Koch, team leader. 'Lovely soft raspberries on the palate, with a fresh and long finish and a touch of residual sugar.' Timothy Connor, Heddon Street Kitchen. 'This would go perfectly with an afternoon tea, pairing with fresh pastries and scones with clotted cream.' Aurore Anguenot, Aviary.

£14.30 Berry Bros & Rudd, Fields, Morris & Verdin

Poulton Hill Estate, Bulari Rosé 2015, Gloucestershire, England

Commended medal winner

Hattingley Valley, Rosé 2015, Hampshire, England

Commended medal winner

£24.10 Enotria&Coe

Fitz, Pink Sparkling Wine -1, West Sussex, England

Commended medal winner

£16.70 Bibendum

Ashling Park Estate, Rosé 2014, West Sussex, England

Commended medal winner

Chet & Waveney Valley Vineyard, Skylark Blush Cuve Close, Brut 2018, Norfolk, England

Commended medal winner