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Pinot Noir - Rest of the New World

This ‘rest of’ section was dominated by South Africa, and boy, were there some good wines in here! Lots and lots of very happy tasters after these flights.

There were several reasons to be cheerful. Firstly, the numbers weren’t stupid. Stylistically, they’re very easy to like and our teams were confident that they could shift them if they had them on their list.

As for South Africa, the only thing holding it back with this grape, it seems, is volume. Their winemakers are carving out an authentic Cape style with the grape that can appeal to both Burgundian purists and lovers of New World fruit alike.

They also seem to be resisting the temptation to plant it in places that aren’t suitable. All our entries came from proper cool-climate regions.

From The Tasting Teams

‘These [South Africans] were all good-quality wines. They all had this nice development, and some nice smokiness, and they integrate the oak very well. They’re finding a good balance between fruit and the use of oak.’ Juan Manuel Marcos Perez, The Gilbert Scott Restaurant

‘The South African wines were really consistent. They were lovely, simple, fresh and clean. Considering the prices, you could put these wines everywhere from gastropubs to fine-dining. They’re great for sommeliers.’ Mattia Tabacco, Oeno

‘Anyone can grow Pinot Noir, but I don’t know if it makes sense for Argentina to be making it.’ Carolina W Seibel, Comptoir Cafe and Wine

‘South Africa’s winemakers are coming to terms with cool and maritime climates. Their Pinots are more like Burgundy than those from New Zealand are.’ Tom Forrest, team leader

Award winners

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New World: Pinot Noir, Rest of the New World

Nitida, Pinot Noir 2017, Durbanville, South Africa

Gold medal winner

'A fresh and crowd-pleasing wine that's really good value too, with a developed nose of sweet plum, vanilla and fungi.' Matthieu Longuère MS, team leader. 'Smoky, tarry notes on the light body are joined by dark berries and some light oak, as well as spicy cinnamon and clove, and a hint of vanilla.' Tom Forrest, team leader. 'Perfect for a gastro pub as an intro Pinot on a list.' Andres Ituarte, team leader.

£9.50 Frederic Robinson

Creation, Reserve, Pinot Noir 2018, Walker Bay, South Africa

Gold medal winner

'An intense, vibrant and very modern wine for those seeking out riper Pinot over the more traditional styles, with creamy, spicy red cherries and high acidity throughout.' Claire Love, Loves Consultancy. 'Opening with white pepper and roasted walnuts on the nose, with some red fruits too, there's some clear oak influence on the palate, with toast and smoke, and a long finish.' Juan Manuel Marcos Perez, The Gilbert Scott Restaurant.

£26.00 Bibendum

Creation, Pinot Noir 2018, Walker Bay, South Africa

Silver medal winner

'A luscious wine with ripe red fruits and good balance, with some lovely minerality. There's lots of complexity here, with notes of cocoa, tobacco and earth.' Andres Ituarte, team leader. 'A really good expression of Pinot Noir that's elegant in the mouth, with perfect use of oak.' Mattia Mazzi, Cornerstone.

£19.10 Bibendum

Bemberg, La Linterna, Pinot Noir 2014, Mendoza, Argentina

Bronze medal winner

'This is showing complexity and development, with some red fruit and smooth tannins.' Carolina W Seibel, Comptoir Cafe and Wine. 'Young, ambitious and very intense, with a lot of fine-grained oak and high-quality fruit.' Claire Love, Loves Consultancy. 'Good intensity here, showing red and dark cherries, spices and some earthy notes.' Nuno Pereira, Theo Randall at the InterContinental Hotel.

£49.39 Top Selection

La Posta, Glorieta, Pinot Noir 2016, Mendoza, Argentina

Commended medal winner

£11.52 Bibendum

Ghost Corner, Pinot Noir 2017, Elim, South Africa

Commended medal winner

£18.48 Bibendum