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We don’t get as many wines from these eastern Alpine regions as we’d like, which is a shame because they’re quite fashionable among somms at the moment and, on this evidence, deserve to be.

This probably isn’t the place to go looking for bargain-basement offerings, but they aren’t necessarily stupidly expensive either. Yes, the Jura was a bit of an indulgence (though HOW good was it? A deserved Critics’ Choice winner, which all our tasters fell in love with). 

From the Tasting Teams

‘At £50 a bottle, [the Domaine de La Pinte] is not a pub wine, but it’s excellent, very true to the Jura style and something to go with food.’ Jade Koch, team leader

‘Good typicity, nice oxidative character without it being too much. Rancio-like, with a nutty character and nice freshness and acidity.’ Olivier Gasselin, OenoTrade

‘Jura is a kind of wine that can be difficult to drink more than one glass, but with this one you could.’ Raphael Thierry, consultant

‘With Jura, in terms of food pairing, the classics always work – aged Comté cheese, anything with a nutty character. Perhaps chicken with an almond crust. Anything that is rich and needs acidity to cut through.’ Tim Handley, Royal Automobile Club

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France: Jura

Domaine de La Pinte, Vin Jaune Arbois 2009, Jura, France

Gold medal winner Critics Choice

'An incredibly powerful nose fills the glass, with dried apricot and almonds shining through. An oxidative character is backed up by bitter lemon rind and marmalade, and cut with salinity. Brilliantly fresh and uplifting.'
Tim Handley, Royal Automobile Club.

'This is everything Jura has to offer, and worth every penny. It would suit high-end, sharing-style eateries.'
Raphael Thierry, consultant.

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