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White Rhône

For those of you flicking through the putative SWA Wine List in our non-existent restaurant and feeling a bit short-changed by the lack of top-end whites from Burgundy, could we respectfully point you a couple of hundred kilometres further south instead?

As is often the case, there were some superb whites from the Rhône this year – particularly if you have deep pockets. The 2018 sunshine might not have worked for every region (Chablis and Sancerre were both fruitier than normal, for instance) but it was good news for Viognier and Condrieu, in particular, were wonderful.

From The Tasting Teams

‘So delicate and floral. Brilliant, very pretty. The more expensive they were, the more delicate they got. I was thinking, could I find that delicate, floral quality somewhere else for less money, but no, these were definitely Rhône wines and true to style – not heavy-handed with oak.’ Jade Koch, team leader

‘We had four medals but there could have been five or six; the quality was so good at the higher end.’ Olivier Gasselin, OenoTrade

‘Beautiful, elegant, aromatic…’ Raphael Thierry, consultant

‘A great flight, and probably one of the hardest to judge because of the high level of quality. Delicate and well-made. Definitely special-occasion wine.’ Tim Handley, Royal Automobile Club

Award winners

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White Rhône

Domaine Georges Vernay, Condrieu, Coteau de Vernon 2017, Rhône, France

Gold medal winner

'A fabulous wine with a light, nuanced nose that gives way to an intense eruption of flavours and textures. Scintillating drive and superb balance.' Angela Reddin, team leader. 'Wonderfully complex, rich and unctuous, lifted throughout by rose water and orange blossom notes. This has a real backbone to it, while being creamy and full-bodied.' Tim Handley, Royal Automobile Club.

£103.10 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Domaine Yves Cuilleron, Condrieu La Petite Côte 2018, Rhône, France

Gold medal winner

'Lovely layers of complexity with soft, ripe white fruits replacing mineral flavours on the mid-palate before these return to dominate the finish with some spicy white pepper.' Charlie Carter, L' Atelier Du Vin. 'A perfumed style with intense peach and white rose and a dense core of ripe melon and apricot, and an array of spices and herbs to add complexity.' Valentin Radosav, Gymkhana Restaurant London.

£39.69 Enotria&Coe

Domaine Yves Cuilleron, Viognier 2018, Rhône, France

Gold medal winner

'Green tea, chalk, physalis and lime-drenched papaya - there's a complex interaction of flavours and textures here. An intensely mineral and fruity wine with an astounding finish.' Angela Reddin, team leader. 'Lovely stony aromas with apricot, fleshy peach and a hint of ginger, and an approachable, expressive palate with tropical notes and a distinctive mineral-rich finish.' Charlie Carter, L' Atelier Du Vin.

£18.73 Enotria&Coe

Domaine Yves Cuilleron, Condrieu Les Chaillets, Vieilles Vignes 2018, Rhône, France

Gold medal winner

'A really expressive, elegant style that's creamy and mineral, with citrus-driven aromatics and an abundance of spice with some garrigue. A lovely, rounded, well-balanced palate, with acidity providing just enough tension between flavours, body and texture.' Charlie Carter, L' Atelier Du Vin. 'Lush, rich mouth-filling fruits like apple and melon, with a distinctly honeyed waxy note.' Emanuel Pesqueira, Edwardian Hotels London.

£53.23 Enotria&Coe

Amouroux, Clos de l'Oratoire des Papes, Blanc 2018, Rhône, France

Commended medal winner

£43.92 Matthew Clark

Domaine de Champ-Long, Les Gressannes, Ventoux Blanc 2017, Rhône, France

Commended medal winner

Domaine de la Janasse, Côtes du Rhône Blanc 2018, Rhône, France

Commended medal winner

£13.53 Enotria&Coe

Domaine Christophe Curtat, Saint-Joseph Blanc, Sous l'Amandier 2018, Rhône, France

Commended medal winner

£24.46 Top Selection