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It’s hard to believe that as recently as 2016 Greece was only picking up a couple of places on our Gold List. Over the past four years it’s grown into a really impressive part of the competition – this year’s seven Golds was its joint best performance ever.

The whites have been winning over our tasters for a while, so the positive feedback and good medal count were no surprise. But what’s most heartening for Greek wine producers is that the reds have started to do the same. It’s the same story for both categories: interesting wines, food-friendly-structure and a broad variety of styles.

The prices are rarely much below £50 on a list, but since these are always going to be a hand-sell anyway, our judges didn’t mind that. A fascinating, exciting part of SWA that should be on every somms ‘to try’ list.

From The Tasting Teams

‘Greek wines show the minerality of the soil and are expressive. They are a little beyond the classic but they can shape a journey for the customer.’ Gaetano Giangaspero, C&C

‘Such an interesting flight. Greek wines can be amazing, and the reds we had here were great.’ Luma Monteiro, Wineria

‘I thought these were brilliant overall. I was quite surprised at the entry level, with nicely done freshness and fruit-driven wines that you can really play around with on a list.’ Elena Serban, Heritage Restaurant

‘I did enjoy these wines. In general, it was interesting to go from minerality to bolder styles, and I found good value at all prices.’ Diego Carballido, Bar Boulud – Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

‘I’m really impressed – there was real diversity in the reds and they represent really good value.’ Daniel Eriksen, Anglian Country Inns

‘Greece is a very diverse place – we’re talking microclimates – and all 15 of the wines in our flight were different.’ Savvas Symeonidis, Goodman Restaurant Mayfair

‘Just one word: wow. We saw such a good range of styles in the reds – there was rarely a wine that was the same as another. Ideal for restaurants.’ Valentin Radosav, Gymkhana Restaurant London

Award winners

Found 24 wines


Gerovassiliou, Malagousia, Epanomi 2019, Macedonia, Greece

Gold medal winner Critics Choice

'Floral and perfumed, with lots of fruit and an intense, long finish.' Gary Newborough, The Aristologist. 'Aromas of grapes, rose petals, fresh grass, pink grapefruit and apricot on the nose, with a fresh palate that has acidity to complement the fruit, and a long, fruity aftertaste. This would be a good match for sweet and sour dishes.' Filippo Pastorini, consultant.

£14.36 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Gerovassiliou, Avaton, Epanomi 2017, Macedonia, Greece

Gold medal winner

'Hi-toned and super aromatic, with red berries and herbs, and a palate balancing spicy red fruit and savouriness, and some tarry notes, and a fresh, chalky finish.' Martin Lam, team leader. 'This has some complex aromas and flavours, with boysenberry and some savoury herbal notes too - a lovely structure, and well-integrated too. An intense and complex wine.' Daniel Eriksen, Anglian Country Inns.

£16.97 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Tsantali, Agioritiko Abaton, Mount Athos Red 2016, Santorini, Greece

Gold medal winner

'Cherries, strawberries, raspberries and red rose petals, as well as some volcanic character with a touch of toast, smoke and tar. This is firm on the palate, with powdery tannins and refreshing acidity.' Adam Michocki, The Man Behind The Curtain. 'This is quite savoury, mineral and chalky, with crunchy red fruit and a plum finish. Good with smoky, grilled, fatty lamb cutlets.' Martin Lam, team leader.

£13.86 Bibendum

Santo Wines, Santorini Assyrtiko 2018, Santorini, Greece

Gold medal winner

'Zesty citrus and stone fruit are joined by a touch of pineapple, as well as some dairy, pastry and a touch of sweet spices, as well as some minerality. Good concentration too.' Savvas Symeonidis, Goodman Restaurant Mayfair. 'This has a rich texture, with bready notes and white flowers. An elegant and forward wine with pear, green apple and a light stalkiness.' Andres Ituarte, team leader.

£16.14 Bibendum

Afianes, Litani, White 2018, Aegean Islands, Greece

Gold medal winner

'This is delicious, with a good amount of skin contact giving this grippy complexity, with peach and apricot notes and a creamy texture, culminating in a floral finish.' Andres Ituarte, team leader. 'Yeasty and creamy, with some ripe citrus, stone fruit, melon and pineapple, as well as red apples and beeswax, and a good finish.' Savvas Symeonidis, Goodman Restaurant Mayfair.

£14.55 Southern Wine Roads

Afianes, Icarus, Red 2013, Aegean Islands, Greece

Gold medal winner

'What a beauty! Some minty notes on the nose, leading to a light body with huge complexity.' Tanya Mann, consultant. 'This is showing some maturity on the nose, along with some red fruit notes, and hints of prune coming through. On the palate there's very delicate fruit, and floral notes too.' Luma Monteiro, Wineria. 'Very distinctive and different, with lovely secondary and tertiary notes.' Martin Lam, team leader.

£22.00 Southern Wine Roads

Papagiannakos, Savatiano 2019, Attica, Greece

Gold medal winner

'A rich nose and a lingering, mouthwatering palate with white fruits and peach notes.' Bianca Potenza, 212 Amsterdam. 'Peppery, with citrus, tropical and stone fruits leading to a generous, fruity palate, and with very pronounced minerality and good levels of acidity. A really well-made wine that's great for a by-the-glass offer, and great value for money!' Gaetano Giangaspero, C&C.

£9.30 Boutinot

Alpha Estate, Xinomavro, Single Vineyard, Hedgehog 2017, Amyndeon, Greece

Silver medal winner

'Pure ripe strawberry with some rustic earthy tones, leading to a lovely texture and integrated acidity.' Daniel Eriksen, Anglian Country Inns. 'Very perfumed on the nose, with red fruits and floral notes. The intensity of the fruits keep the wine balanced on the palate, with a very pleasant finish.' Luma Monteiro, Wineria.

£10.59 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Alpha Estate, Ecosystem, Xinomavro Reserve, Vieilles Vignes, Single Block, Barba Yannis 2016, Amyndeon, Greece

Silver medal winner

'A very complex wine with enough elegant fruit concentration to cope with the tannins. A perfect wine for summer when you want that freshness and brightness of red fruits.' Tanya Mann, consultant. 'Chocolate notes and a smooth, earthy tannic structure, with violets and some delicate vanilla oak influence.' Valentin Radosav, Gymkhana Restaurant London.

£13.63 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Biblia Chora, Estate White, Sauvignon Blanc/Assyrtiko 2019, Macedonia, Greece

Silver medal winner

'Fantastic, with apricots and lime juice, and great weight. I'd want it on my list.' Diego Carballido, Bar Boulud - Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. 'Green leaves, lily and some pear notes, with a palate that's textural and elegant, and a lingering nutty finish. One for pork roast with pear compote.' Filippo Pastorini, consultant.

£16.28 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Aivalis, Le Sang de la Pierre 2014, Nemea, Greece

Silver medal winner

'Farmy and smoky, with some tobacco and earthy flavours, along with orange marmalade and leather, some dried apricots and a hint of fresh mint.' Elisa Soggia, Trivet. 'Very polished, with amazing tannin structure and some tawny port characters with dried fruits.' Tanya Mann, consultant.

£24.50 Southern Wine Roads

Papagiannakos, Assyrtiko 2019, Attica, Greece

Silver medal winner

'This has a touch of spritz and a lime sherbert finish. Lively on the palate with a citrus vein throughout.' Harry Crowther, Grape Times UK. 'Lots of citrus and apple crunch, with punchy acidity and a little minerality, all finished with some white-pepper warmth.' Jade Koch, team leader.

£10.75 Boutinot

Athanasiou, Assyrtiko, Organic 2018, Nemea, Greece

Bronze medal winner

'Opening with straw character and some lemon fruit, this is oily and quite textural, with some salinity too.' Jade Koch, team leader. 'Notes of wax, honeysuckle, guava and passion fruit, with some racy acidity.' Elena Serban, Heritage Restaurant. 'Light and refreshing - a good wine to have by the glass.' Bianca Potenza, 212 Amsterdam.

£10.24 Jascots Wine Merchants

Alpha Estate, Ecosystem, Assyrtiko, Single Block, Aghia Kiriaki 2018, Florina, Greece

Bronze medal winner

'A fantastic wine, with good weight, ripe citrus and a subtle saltiness.' Diego Carballido, Bar Boulud - Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. 'A very elegant stone fruit palate, with peaches and apples jumping out at you, and acidity that's punchy but in-check. Refreshing and with really good concentration. Great with scallops or roast chicken.' Jade Koch, team leader.

£15.11 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Alpha Estate, Axia 2016, Florina, Greece

Bronze medal winner

'Maraschino cherry, red plum and strawberries, with a floral character of red rose petals and a touch of toastiness too.' Adam Michocki, The Man Behind The Curtain. 'Chalky and a tad rustic, with fresh blackberry fruit and some savoury aromatics and spice notes.' Martin Lam, team leader.

£9.45 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Idaia Winery, Vidiano, Dafnes 2018, Crete, Greece

Bronze medal winner

'Lovely, juicy and rounded - this is a complete and fresh style. It's slightly flinty and mineral, with white peach. An easy-drinking wine.' Bianca Potenza, 212 Amsterdam. 'Refreshing acidity, with a mineral, wet-stone element and fresh citrus and stone fruit, as well as green apple, jasmine and white pepper. Good concentration and a good aftertaste.' Savvas Symeonidis, Goodman Restaurant Mayfair.

£12.54 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Papagiannakos, Natural Savatiano 2019, Attica, Greece

Bronze medal winner

'This has some high acidity, with flinty notes and some fresh citrus and touch of pear, as well as jasmine notes. Waxy and nutty, with good concentration.' Savvas Symeonidis, Goodman Restaurant Mayfair. 'An orange blossom and light, nutty character, with some unripe white fruits. A pretty wine with a long finish of sesame and lees.' Andres Ituarte, team leader.

£12.15 Boutinot

Athanasiou, Agiorgitiko, Organic 2018, Nemea, Greece

Commended medal winner

Alpha Estate, Malagouzia, Single Vineyard, Turtles 2019, Florina, Greece

Commended medal winner

Gaia Wines, Assyrtiko, Wild Ferment 2018, Santorini, Greece

Commended medal winner

Monemvasia Winery, Kydonitsa 2018, Laconia, Greece

Commended medal winner

Sant'Or, Agiorgitiko Nature 2018, Peloponnese, Greece

Commended medal winner

Kir-Yianni, Assyrtiko 2018, Macedonia, Greece

Commended medal winner

£10.82 Enotria&Coe

Kir-Yianni, Ramnista Xinomavro, Naoussa 2016, Macedonia, Greece

Commended medal winner

£16.13 Enotria&Coe