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South - White

Last year we saw an absolute avalanche of medals from the south, with the reds, in particular, completely blowing our tasters away. This year was back to normal, with a medal haul that was decent rather than amazing.

In a nutshell, we had a smaller selection of whites that were generally quite well priced and quite well received. Reds went from cheap to expensive and, with plenty of fruit and alcohol on offer, were much more polarising. Bottles that retained a modicum of balance and overdelivered for the price fared best.

Special mention to the San Marzano co-op. Two Golds and two Silvers is a fine effort.

From The Tasting Teams

‘The whites were a very varied flight. Most were very mineral, and some had too much of an industrial style, even a gasoline character. You would expect better. But the good ones were well structured and showed the minerality we expected.’ Cinthia Lozano, The Winery Honduras

‘At the lower prices there’s real drinkability but you quickly get to big, ripe wines that I struggled with. I’m not getting asked for these boozier, riper wines.’ Joshua Castle, Noble Rot

‘For the reds I’d look more towards the entry level – I don’t see people spending that money for the higher end.’ Lukas Nikanorovas, 20 Stories

‘The reds were challenging, with a wide range of styles and grapes and winemaking techniques. We really had different opinions about the different styles – they’re like Marmite.’ Matteo Furlan, The Ritz London

‘I was impressed by the clarity I found in the whites. Producers are working with ancient varieties that in the past have been masked by poor winemaking, but the wines are now beautifully crystalline and have great, refreshing acidity, never cloying.’ Martin Lam, team leader

‘The best value for the reds was in the £11-15 mid-range, with a lot of good options, and lots of flavour for their price point.’ Sam Weatherill, Etch by Steven Edwards

‘The whites were very good overall, with some great, complex wines for reasonable prices. A delight.’ Daniel Eriksen, Anglian Country Inns

‘I expected a bit more from the reds. Some were too ripe, with cooked fruit and baked notes.’ Immacolata Cannavo, Hakkasan Mayfair

Award winners

Found 10 wines

Italy: South – White

San Marzano, Timo, Vermentino 2019, Puglia, Italy

Gold medal winner

'Fresh, zingy and zesty, this is very pleasant and easy-drinking.'
Rémi Cousin, Le Gavroche.

'Delicate, with sweet peaches and apricots, as well as some ripe watermelon, honeysuckle and honey.'
Lucie Hammerschmiedova, Portland Restaurant.

'An aromatic nose and creamy palate with ripe tropical fruit, making this amazing to pair with salads and seafood, and a great wine for summer.'
Cinthia Lozano, The Winery Honduras.

£9.21 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Feudi Salentini, 125, Malvasia del Salento 2017, Puglia, Italy

Silver medal winner

'Intense fruit flavour with some candied citrus, and a lovely texture, with well-integrated acidity.'
Daniel Eriksen, Anglian Country Inns.

'Delicate, long-lasting flavours of juicy peach and apricots, with chamomile and honey, and good intensity and complexity.'
Lucie Hammerschmiedova, Portland Restaurant.

£9.95 Matthew Clark

San Marzano, Edda Lei Bianco, Salento 2019, Puglia, Italy

Silver medal winner

'Lovely orange and lemon peel aromas, with a refreshing palate and a spicy finish that adds a little complexity.'
Rémi Cousin, Le Gavroche.

'A complex palate of ripe stone fruit with zesty citrus, andh decent acidity. Complex, satisfying and excellent for food pairings.'
Martin Lam, team leader.

£14.64 Hallgarten & Novum Wines

Agricola Bellaria, Greco di Tufo, Oltre 2017, Campania, Italy

Bronze medal winner

'With sweet and savoury oak, and floral notes with honey and lemon curd, this has a nice elegance, the oak is well-judged, and the palate is fresh.'
Angela Reddin, team leader.

'A rich, complex wine with lovely texture, delicious stone fruit and well-integrated structure, with a long finish.'
Daniel Eriksen, Anglian Country Inns.

£12.23 Eurowines

Terre di Vulcano, Falanghina Benevento 2018, Campania, Italy

Bronze medal winner

'Excellent value for money, this is extremely aromatic on the nose, with balanced sweetness and a dynamic and interesting structure.'
Cinthia Lozano, The Winery Honduras.

'Good rich fruit with a lovely mineral backbone and a crisp, fresh finish with lingering fruit.'
Daniel Eriksen, Anglian Country Inns.

£8.74 Bibendum

San Salvatore, Falanghina 2018, Campania, Italy

Commended medal winner

£10.50 LWC Drinks

Cielo e Terra, Gran Maestro, Appassimento Bianco 2018, Puglia, Italy

Commended medal winner

£7.50 LWC Drinks

Agricola Bellaria, Fiano di Avellino, Gold 2018, Campania, Italy

Commended medal winner

£12.95 Eurowines

Feudi di San Gregorio, Cutizzi, Greco di Tufo 2018, Campania, Italy

Commended medal winner

Masseria Li Veli, Askos, Verdeca Salento 2018, Puglia, Italy

Commended medal winner

£14.33 Bibendum